Bevern in the light of day, recently obtained a new DLC with the launch of the Sadako Chapter, but that is far from being the only thing that the community obtained. Last week, a great sale of DLC was also announced (which, of course, did not include the most recent launch), as well as a free weekend, and this week, players will get even more rewards with login bonds that are They will give away every day until March 20. These bonuses are already available, so if you have already lost some, you have a couple of more days to claim them and make sure at least get some value.

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Behavior Interactive announced the beginning of these login rewards this week and encouraged players to make sure to log in at least once a day to claim the rewards. Meanwhile, at the light of day, sometimes, the events included rewards that differed according to the day you decided to play. This event facilitates it by granting players the same prizes every day: 70 000 blood points and 170 iridescent fragments. The exception is the bonus of March 20, which is 170 000 blood points and 980 iridescent fragments.

The good news is that all you have to do to get these rewards is to log in to the game, that’s it, there are no other traps. The bad news is that if you did not begin to log in on March 14 when the event began, you will have already lost two days of rewards. That is still from today until March 19 to claim the rest, however, you still have many more blood points and iridescent fragments on the way, as long as you log in.

As almost everything, the players will already know that the bloodpoints are used to buy different offerings, articles and other resources through BloodWeb. The iridescent fragments, however, are a little more varied and valuable in their purposes. They can be used to buy any benefits in the sanctuary of the secrets during the week, and can also be used to buy original killers and survivors in the store. However, those characters cost much more than 170 iridescent fragments, so, although it will not buy anything directly from this event, at least it will put it on the right path or help close the gap with a benefit or character..

Buerto in light of day The Bloodpoint and Iridescent SHARD event is available from now until March 19.