If there was a League of Legends Profi, which was intended to complete 1,000 career games, then it is Lee, Faker ‘sang-hyereok. The T1 Midlan is the second in the history of the League, who has reached such a milestone only a few days, but unlike Kim, Deft ‘Hyuk-Kyu, Drxs ADC, Faker wanted to celebrate his with style – by making 400 boxes BBQ chicken gave away.

The viewers of today’s Lck game between T1 and KT Rolster – both fans and press – received a bucket of Korean chicken on arrival, which was obviously prepared by T1 and the man himself. The only one please? That those who take a box would pray for a victory.

And now, it looks like the tactics had paid off. With two of his Signature Picks – LeBlanc and Ahri – dominated faker and his team KT from the beginning, which led to a quick 2-0 victory. This now means that T1 undefeated the first half of the Lck-Round Robin and finished with a winning streak of nine games.

[LCK Bang's 1000 Kills] 'World best AD Carry' SKT T1 BANG's best kills
Despite the pressure to play his 1,000th match, Faker remains pretty unaffected. In an interview after playing with Invenglobal Faker, the milestone “surprise” him, but it’s just a reminder that he “so long” as a professional games.

Celebrate @ Schwindler’s 1000. Request compulsory game for Lck-Journalists and Tickers for today’s game a free chicken! #Lck pic.twitter.com/0eo6xove9h

  • Invenglobal (@invenglobal) 18. February 2022

Although he believes that T1 has a lot to do for the rest of the Lck Spring Split, it is clear that Faker will not be slower in the foreseeable future. It seems that the 25-year-old is still firmly determined to make a name in the LCK and on the world stage – even if he does this with the help of roast chicken.