A film project stopped before the months ago has taken care of his Tennor Group at the acutely descent-threatened Football Bundesligist Hertha BSC for a new dispute between Bureau and Investor Lars Windhorst.

Lars Windhorst stoppt Hertha BSC Doku! Gegenbauer vs. Windhorst / Tennor. Machtkampf bei Hertha BSC.

The Bureau reacted upset on statements of a speaker of the group. “On the one hand, we consider this path about the public for not responsible. On the other hand, nonspecific allegations and undertakings were made for repeated times,” it said in a statement of the Bureau on the website of the association. “These do not only damage the reputation of Hertha BSC, but also the investment by Tennor Holding.”

Tennor spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter had said the “DPA” before: “In May, the next general meeting is. There will certainly have something to happen.” With this formulation, a limit was exceeded in relation to the autonomy of the highest club committee, the Hertha Bureau declared. “We re-appeal internal views internally in the future in the future of Hertha BSC,” said it.

Disagreements for plans via Doku

Actually, it was after a report of the “Football Bundesligist Image” initially for disagreements in the plans stopped last summer for a documentary about Hertha. “The goal was to sell the film on streaming services like Amazon to spice Hertha as a brand internationally,” Fritzenkötter said.

The production company Pulse Films as well as Hertha legend Axel Kruse as a link accompanied the team over a longer period of time and produced inner insights within the team as well as the environment. But some passages liked Windhorst, who invested around one million euros. “In the passages, a member of the management called Mr. Windhorst as an unsympathetic, and in the round was made funny about Windhorst”, Fritzenkötters established the production stop, “the passages were not suitable for being shown in a commercial film about Hertha.”

No agreement of the parties

On a continuation of the project under new directives, both parties could not agree, which was sealed out of the film according to Fritzenkötter: “Then we weighed out: a processing is virtually impossible and costs additional money.” Then we leave it. ” Disorders in dealing between the association and investor continuously accompany the partnership, which Fritzenkötter wondered from the beginning: “We did not think and were surprised that Hertha strikes for our entry so the doors.”

Actually, the Hertha has just had enough concerns: started to put an energetic team on the legs with 375 million euros of investor, the Berliner with 23 points on the relegation rank, a counter before the first relegation platz – class struggle instead of “Big City Club “.

Where Fritzenkötter the theater is instricted by the concept of the great capital club and also documented a certain disagreement on this way: “It is always asserted that the term” Big City Club “comes from Windhorst. The management of Hertha or the commissioned by Hertha Agency in the investor brochure, before getting started Tennor, for the first time from the Big Club. “