Wonder Planet (CEO Tsunecawa Tomoki) announced on the 22nd that it will hold a summer limited promotion ‘Happy Summer Campaign’ at Alice Fiction.

The Happy Summer Campaign, which began at 12:00 on August 22, starts with the new event ‘Beach Survival’, and all popular characters and world memory are new Gacha with swimsuit skin images, and SNS campaigns that can receive premium quartz items. It is configured.

You can check the quest or challenge the boss to compensate the beach. You can experience a new story while targeting the event, and in the process you can get a limited-in-class ‘Summer Vacation Andersen’.

If you pass the monsters and deliver the collected items to the ‘log exchange’, the event limited world memory 5 star ‘ Summer I can exchange with ‘Summer Vacation Andersen’ and ‘Hippocrates Anma’. In addition, a login bonus that allows up to 1,000 premium quartz can be obtained just by accessing the game during the campaign.

The probability of the appearance of ‘Summer Light Neu’, a limited-time swimsuit character, has increased, and new world memory is also updated, and the 5-star ‘Heat in Midsummer’ It appears from the memory draw.

Through the confirmation, it is a positive opportunity to collect the summer light Neu or the forcedor characters for the summer as the three-star unlawful character appears.

Wonder Planet announced that it will start selling two special season packages, including ‘Season Package’ and ‘Season Premium Package’, which will improve the value of the Happy Summer Campaign from August 22 to September 5.

Meanwhile, information related to the summer Happy Summer Campaign, New Four Clear and World Memory Pickup, which starts at 12 o’clock today, can be found through the official Alice Fiction Game Cafe.