If the Odyssey extension was an opportunity for players to break into the Elite dangerous world , its launch last year has experienced several missteps on the frontier side. The chain studio since updates to improve the gaming experience, correct bugs and expand the content. Among the expected novelties, the possibility of surpassing the inside of the carriers, the gigantic ships of this spatial simulation, will further strengthen the immersion.

Restore the confidence of the need for the studio to focus on the PC version, putting aside a time the console versions – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – which have never greeted the Odyssey extension. However, the recent border announcement definitely bury this possibility. The implications to maintain the source code of the game for several versions were obviously more supportable for the studio, abandoning all the consoles players on the edge of the path. Because if the console versions will be maintained online, they will no longer evolve if not receiving the necessary technical updates.

Elite Dangerous - All Console Development CANCELLED!
The Frontier Studio therefore poses a difficult choice to ensure the future of Elite dangerous, without dispersing while restricting the target audience.