Glasshopper Manifacture’s CEO and game designer Koichi Suda said on July 6 that he was not involved in the Lollipop Chainsaw Remake (tentative name) announced by Dragami Games the other day. James Gunn (James Gunn), who was in charge of the original version of the scenario, is not involved in this work.

Lollipop Chainsaw Remake (tentative name) is a remake of the horror action game Lollipop Chainsaw released in 2012 for PS3/Xbox 360. Yoshimi Yasuda, President and CEO of Dragami Games, is a producer/director as the top of Kadokawa Games in the original version and developed with Glasshopper Manifacture. Mr. Suda supported the project as an executive director to supervise game design and production. James Gunn, known for the films the Suicide Squad and the Guardians of Galaxy, is in charge of the scenario.
[Update 2022/7/6 15:35]
Change the representative work of James Gunn

The original version became popular and became a million seller. However, time has passed since then, and it has been unable to play on current game consoles. Therefore, the Dragami Games, which was established by Kadokawa Games inherited from some businesses, acquired the intellectual property rights of Lollipop Chainsaw. On July 5 this year, the remake version was announced (related article).

The production of Lollipop Chainsaw Remake (tentative name) was announced that the original version of the development staff, including Mr. Yasuda, and the Doragami Games development staff will be in charge. However, it was not clear whether the original version of the development staff included Suda or Gunn.

And Gunn, who saw an article mentioned on that point, tweeted that neither himself nor Suda was involved in this work. It is said that Mr. Suda told the remake version a few weeks ago. Later, Mr. Suda commented that Glasshopper Manifacture was not involved in the development and anything else.

Gunn did not know anything about the work, but made a statement thinking that it would be better to clarify his position. He also states that he doesn’t even think about this situation, especially negatively or positively.


In addition, this work is not a remaster, but a remake, and it has been announced that there are some different elements from the original version. Some BGM copyright songs are replaced, and CGs may shift to a more realistic taste from the current high-end game console machine power.

Lollipop Chainsaw Remake (tentative name) will be released in 2023. Details of this work, including compatible platforms, will be announced in the future.