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LOL: The 5 champions with the most useless passive skills of the game

Despite the constant updates of League of Legends, not all champions are happy with Riot. While the newest receive constant attention from the development team, others are defenestrated.

Beyond the meme with the much text of Bel’veth, the reality is that the champions with more than one five years of life, have much simpler passive skills than the current ones. As time passes, some of them even become obsolete. We introduce you to the five champions with the most useless passives of the LOL.


His ability’s ability was never very viable, but it is now tremendously situational. Shyvana needs a redesign, since he is not able to follow the rhythm of other champions. Assuming that he could, even so, his passive would depend on a monster that only appears in a few moments in the game and is extremely disputed.

Knowing all this, the benefits obtained are not worth it and do not grant significant bonuses. In short, your passive is completely situational and dragons are generally not a guaranteed objective. Not to mention that jungles already have objects and spells to inflict considerable damage to monsters.


At first glance, it may seem that your liability fits perfectly with your Q, but soon you realize that it is not true. The ability gives speed of movement when Singed runs near his enemies, but using it is not so useful.

First, to activate passive you have to get close, which makes sense since Singed is a melee character, but enemy champions can get away. Secondly, there are objects that increase the speed of movement more effectively and its ultimate makes it much better, so passive is expendable.


Heimerdinger is far from being a bad champion, but his passive ability does not help his game at all. It gives speed of movement when it is near allied turrets and their own turrets. Speed increase is not significant at all and Heimerdinger is a slow champion.

The repositioning would be a good justification for his ability, but when Heimer faces champions that have dashes or even a higher movement speed, passive becomes unusable.



Despite being an excellent support and a champion loved by many, Morgana has a somewhat strange passive ability. With the Nerfs, this passive basically does not generate a relevant healing, so much so that Morgana went from being a champion used in measure becoming an support, a role that she plays very well.

The fact that she changed her liabilities so that she did not cure with smaller subjects and monsters caused her passive to be even less viable. She seems interesting as Jungla, but the reality is that whenever she stands out, Riot Games is usually clear in this passive ability.


We know that Fizz is a great murderer and that he has a very powerful set of skills, but that does not apply to her passive. It allows the champion to ignore the collision with the units and receive a minimally reduced amount of damage.

The fact is that this passive does not help at all with its function, which is to approach, execute an opponent with your skills and leave alive if enemies try to punish you. It is a very situated skill so the moments in which it would help you would be very rare, since their q and and allow a much more strategic escape.

The League of Legends players will soon be punished for their toxic behavior in the selection of champions

Leyndas Players have been able to report problematic teammates during the champion selection process for a while after the function was implemented in 2020, but those reports did not really have consequences. They simply added Riot Games ‘learning about the players’ behavior during the selection of champions and Riot said that “implement a punishment system” when I had enough information to proceed with confidence. That moment is just around the corner now with Riot saying this week that he will broadcast punishments based on champions selection reports in the near future.

Hana «Timtammonster» Dinh, product leader of behavioral systems that works in liga, shared the latest in the selection of champions reports the efforts in a publication at the game site that details the various behavioral systems instead inside liga. Dinh acknowledged that punishments were not added as promised, but added that, although these reports are still a small part of the total reports received by Riot, punishments will soon be administered to those who are convicted of disruptive behavior during the selection of Champions.

«Another area in which we lose part of your trust is in the champions selection reports. Although we have been monitoring these reports, we do not add punishments for them as promised. The selection reports of champions only represent about 3.2% of current reports, but know that your experience in each party is still important. I am pleased to share that we are linking punishments to the Champ Select reports, and you will see an update on a very soon patch.

Are ESPORTS Players Toxic? - League of Legends

Dinh also added that the liga team is working on the update of its systems that detect verbal abuse. It is assumed that you will lead those systems to improve ten times once those updates are implemented, but Dinh did not give an idea of ​​when these updates would occur.

In addition to simply punishing problematic players, Riot also said that he would implement new rewards for players who are at the opposite end of the spectrum and are considered the most honorable within the game’s honor system. These rewards include a special recovery animation and an exclusive aspect for honorable players, and both will be launched at some point this year. The mask will be awarded to the players after the season ends.

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