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All playable characters in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

All Waddle Dee Locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land (100% Collectibles Guide)
Kirby and The Forgotten Land marks the next step in the adventures of a Nintendo’s favorite, but as has been the case in many of the publishing games over the years that have a multiplayer mode, there is more than one single Protagonist to play. Here is a list of all the playable characters in Kirby and The Forgotten Land that may not be as extensive as I could have expected.

All playable characters in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

In fact, the list is not very long; There are only two playable characters in Kirby and The Forgotten Land:

  • Kirby.
  • Waddle dee handkerchief

Of course, you will play with Kirby during the campaign for a game player, while Bandana Waddle Dee can only be played during the multiplayer cooperative game. If you are not sure how to unlock cooperative mode, you can read our detailed guide here; In summary, you must finish the first level of the game.

As for if there will be more characters arriving at Kirby and Forgotten Land, we are not sure, nothing has not been announced. Other characters such as Meta Knight and King dedede could be potentially playable in a post-launch update, so we will keep you informed if we hear something.

Until then, that is the complete list of all the playable characters in Kirby and The Forgotten Land . To get more tips and useful guides about the game, you can search Kirby. There are some content listed below that can also be interesting.

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Multiverus: Other characters by voice recordings

In multiverse, famous characters from the universes meet Warner Bros. to each other in order to mutually play in the free playable platform fighting game.

Which other characters in Smash Bros similar titles are playable, the files of a tech test has been discovered.

Thus, the voice recordings found there were evaluated in characters like LeBron James, Raven (Teen Titans), The Tazmanian Devil, The Iron Giant and Marvin The Martian.

In the recordings other characters have also been mentioned, but they do not necessarily have to be playable. It refers to:

  • Morty Smith (Rick and Morty)
  • The Joker
  • Poison Ivy
  • Black adam
  • Scooby-doo
  • The Hound and Daenery Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
  • Eleven (Stranger Things)
  • Wicked Witch (the wizard of OZ)
  • Static (Static Shock)
  • Beetlejuice

Top 12 Characters For Muliversus Wishlist! || Warner Brothers Platform Fighting Game Multiversus
* Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

  • Gandalf the gray (the Lord of the Rings)

Multiverus appears 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC will appear including cross-play support.

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