One of the biggest TV highlights of the year is the sports major event of the Super Bowl, which brings next to the Final of the American-Football Profiliga high-profile star acts and a variety of imposing trailers with hot-stretched TV shows and cinema films. This time, two major cinema robes stood in the center of attention, which led to completely different network reactions.

While the first trailer for Amazonious production “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” (the most expensive series of all time!) Led to misunderstanding, disappointment and criticism, the Super Bowl Trailer of the Coming MCU Film was “Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, “ensure a lot of enthusiasm and heating fans. This is especially because there were countless things to discover. We have already summarized the countless EASTER EGGS and allusions in a news article. Just click here if you want to find out more. In addition, you will find a short and crisp overview of all Marvel movies and Disney plus series planned within the MCU.

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Dr Strange Multiverse Of Madness BREAKDOWN! Prof X! Tom Cruise IRON MAN?! ILLUMINATI! Scarlet Witch!

However, this special article is about classifying the new grouping and their potential members meaningful and explain the Illuminati on the basis of the comic history.

The Illuminati coming: Who is the secret force of the Marvel world?

The Illuminati could be described as the most exclusive Superhero Club of the Marvel Universe. Initially, the group, which had its first appearance in “New Avengers # 7” (2005) of Comic author Brian Michael Bendis, was founded with the aim of bringing the various constellations of the Marvel world to a large alliance, which only in an emergency Together, to protect the world and its population from major dangers.

The comic founding members are Charles Xavier (Professor X), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Namor, Tony Strong, Inhumans ruler Black Bolt and Doctor Stephen Strange.
The founding illuminati from the Marvel comic world. Source: New Avengers # 7, Published by Marvel Comics Just as Black Panther was a hot candidate for the secret society and joined even a little later, but leaned at the beginning, as he was the secret colleague and the offset of the rest of the world as a wrong signal and too There was a lot of power in too little hands. In addition, there were a lot of quarrels in the same period, which, among other things, resulted in the large comic event “Civil”.

Are the Illuminati vicious?

The Illuminati are part of the “good”, but have quite a few questionable actions in the past. On the one hand, there would be the already mentioned criticisms divided in the form of Black Panther. On the other hand, the Illuminati often leaned very far from the window in their comic existence in terms of their morality.

The tormented Hulk was lured, for example, from the Illuminati in the comics to the all, just to send him a little later “for the well-being of humanity” alone into space – quite nicely bad. Incidentally, this ended in a comic story name called “World War Hulk”, which was polluted in 2007 by Marvel and is always speculated again and again as a possible part of the MCU future.

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We go through the list of best-known Illuminati members with you and betray which figures are probably as well as in the MCU variant part of the team and what other characters are eligible. In the same scene in which we listen to Charles Xavier in the trailer show five chairs with a freedom, which should give enough space for Professor X. Thus, it is either six or seven (if one makes the empty room) members.

Professor Charles Xavier as a big stripping puller and leader?

It is clear that Patrick Stewart returns to its role of the X-Men leader Professor Charles Xavier, short professor X, return. But much more interesting is whether the presentation of the Marvel figure is actually the same person who introduced in the Fox film “X-Men” 2000 by Bryan Singer (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and with the fantastic “Logan” 2017 by director James Mangold (“Ford Vs. Ferrari”, “Walk the Line”) was led to their degree.

We believe that Patrick Stewarts Role in Doctor Strange 2 is a completely new version, more precisely by a multiverse variant.

Disney Plus Series Loki: What are variants in the MCU universe?

Variants were discussed in the Disney Plus series “Loki” for the first time and embody simply other versions of a well-known (or unknown) figure that were similar to similar history of contemporary, but still other characters.

The huge throne room, the presentation along the six chairs and the many things you know about the illuminati through the Marvel Comics, make it difficult to imagine that the ex-headmaster of the Fox films in addition to the mutant everyday life also the multiverse Watched with a sharp look.

With a variant that is more meaningful. This version of Charles could have come into contact early with the secret society – or have it founded him! What is definitely clear: The Illuminati had in their history, like all the other superhero groups, too, quite many years of staff. A person who is almost always part of the team is Professor X. What we come to the other possible members of the Illuminati.

The introduction of Reed Richards, leader of the fantastic four

Another well-known face of the Illuminati is Reed Richards, the leader of the fantastic four. Due to the right situation, unfortunately, there was no movie to the oldest Marvel family at all, but “Spider-Man: No Way Home” director Jon Watts has already been looked after with the project.

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