All players will receive free Project Pass rewards (gold, crowns, and armory products) simply for playing as you typically would. All international XP made while playing Chivalry 2 is counted towards this project pass development, a sneak peek of this new pass system stated. By default, the active campaign pass is designated to all gamers, meaning you won’t need to do anything to turn it on and the complimentary track of Winter War will be set to active when you download the Winter War update.

Chivalry 2’s implantation must be rather familiar if you’ve taken part in battle passes from other games. You make your method through the go by doing things that you probably would’ve currently been doing anyway such as playing the game and finishing certain jobs, and you’ll be able to track your development throughout the process.

Fortunately about this pass compared to options from other games is that the Winter War Project Pass does not have an end date to it. That implies that no matter how much time you have to play, you’ll ultimately be able to obtain all the rewards if you play enough considering that they don’t end at any point. That might not be the case with future passes, however, with Torn Banner saying that Future project passes to Chivalry 2 might be irreversible or timed based depending upon the update.

Chivalry 2’s very first battle pass gets here in the Winter War update.


Chivalry 2 gamers who are still active in the medieval war brawler got rather the surprise this week with Torn Banner Studios revealing a battle pass of sorts. Dubbed the Campaign Pass by the Chivalry 2 creators, this new progression system mirrors other models by providing gamers both a complimentary and a premium rewards track to make from as they play the game. It’s set up to launch as part of the Winter War Material Update, Torn Banner said.

What’s more, Torn Banner has also already announced the rewards that’ll be provided away in both the superior and complimentary versions of the pass so that players can peruse those lists and see if the passes deserve their time. You can find the full contents of the passes here with future passes expected to be displayed comparably.