Comes Holdings (CEO Lee Jong-un) announced on the 16th that it has been updated as a hit star!

In this update, new First Impact Hero Katrina and Third Impact Hero Episode appeared.
Katrina is a summoner for Strange.


The dealer position attacks the entire enemy and increases the main stats of allies.
Katrina has an infinite growth potential as a special hero who can strengthen his ability differently, such as experience, magic research, and trace surveys, not hero cards.
Episode is a powerful healer who has inherited Mimic’s power as a priest of Air.
Attacks one enemy and restores the vitality of the entire allies.

A rich event is held to commemorate the emergence of new hero Katrina.
Until the 29th of this month, a special item, Memorial Summoning Stone, will appear.
The item allows you to get a third-impact hero card and a transcendental card twice as much as other grade cards.
In addition, by February 15, next year, all users will receive abundant gifts, including 1,000,000 Ruby and 20 prime heroes, 20 summonses when accessing the game.

Until the 28th of this month, the tree decoration collection event will be held for Christmas.

It is an event that decorates a Christmas tree by acquiring a tree decoration from the challenger dungeon.
Whenever the decoration is gathered, you can receive reinforcement materials such as Gaia’s soul and Alar’s soul, and you can receive 300,000 rubies when the tree is completed.
In addition, the goal achievement event is also held.
If you challenge the hero’s corridor and adventure dungeon for a certain number of times, you will be given growth items such as the memory of the goddess, Ruby, and Hero Card Summoner.
The star flower festival will be held until January 4 of next year.
Be a star! You can challenge various contents of the contents and collect star flowers to obtain various rewards such as summoning hero cards.

Be a star! Is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint (CEO Kim Young-mo) and serviced by Comes Holdings.
It features emotional graphics of fairy tale, solid stories and vast content.
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