Journalism and even the players who purchased the game, sales are less good than anticipated.


According to our coworkers from, Dead Area Remake ranks well number 1 of sales in Terrific Britain at the minute, but sales are twice lower than those of The Callisto Protocol launched just over a month ago.

January 2023 was a month hectic on computer game on the computer game, with big titles such as For spoken, One Piece Odyssey, Fire Symbol engages, Golden eye 007, Hi-fi Rush and of course Dead Space Remake.
The latter was particularly waited for by enthusiasts of cold sweats and painful atmosphere, since it is the remediation of an iconic video game of the late 2000s. If the title of Electronic Arts was wonderfully welcomed by

A number of components can intervene in this starter more shy than anticipated: the average sale price of Dead Area Remake is around ₤ 63, while that of The Callisto Protocol was ₤ 47.
Then, The Callisto Protocol was launched prior to the holiday season, which certainly assisted the title of Grafton benefited from Christmas to increase its sales.
It must not be forgotten either that Dead Area Remake is only offered on 3 assistance (PC, Xbox Series and PS5), while the Callisto Protocol was also released on Old Gen consoles.
We likewise do not forget to mention the argument that it is yet another remake and not an original game, which likewise pressed certain consumers not to hurry on the game the first days of
In any case, we will have to wait a few more weeks to learn if sales are accelerating or decreasing more, just as it will be interesting to have sales figures from other countries.
Note that 80% of Dead Space’s physical sales were made on PS5, the remaining 20% being on Xbox Series.