The full version of Grounded adds new functions, including the opportunity to share worlds with friends. The General Worlds function uses cloud conservation so that players can play and post worlds with friends.


Players can own up to three general worlds at the same time. However, you can have up to 50 general worlds with you. The standard world can be converted into general worlds, and players can also make a copy of the standard world to save it as a conservation for a single game. After the world has become common, any player can organize it as a multi-user game for the players with whom this world is open.

How to create a common world in Grounded

To create a common world, you can launch a multi-user world from the main menu and choose a common world, or you can convert any standard world into a common world by choosing a conservation file and creating General copy . Then you can share preservation with friends, and you can play it at any time, even if you are not online.

The general worlds can only have one conservation and are still subject to problems, so it is recommended to save a standard copy and a general copy. However, any progress achieved in a common world will not be saved in a standard copy. If you have achieved great progress in a common world, you can save a standard copy every time you want to maintain your progress.

Shared Worlds supports the cross-platform game, so players can share their worlds and save them both on PC and Xbox. The grounded cross-game provides complete access between them, so the general worlds can be on your PC and Xbox.

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