Two Point Campus is a college player in which you check your creative abilities and organization, designing and controlling your own campuses, but with a highlight. There are many campuses that need to be explored, each with their own problems and various features, such as an evil curse, imposed on the school of magic, a party for parties, in which they pay only for your thrill, and a music school without financing. You decide to correct everything and lead students to success with the help of many unique courses. Check out the list of them all lower and find out how to control them for your prosperous campus!

All courses in the Two Point campus

These are all courses that are gradually available to your campuses in every place.

  • Robotics
  • Virtual normality
  • Spy school
  • magic
  • Dark arts
  • Knight’s school
  • Gastronomy
  • Science
  • Funny business
  • General knowledge
  • The history of the Internet
  • Academic exercises
  • Extortion of money
  • Counter-cultural studies
  • Musicity
  • Archeology
  • Spy school
  • School of thought

What are Two Point Campus courses?

Courses are what your students study during the school year or longer, depending on the topic. They can cover a number of topics from sciences to chivalry. This is what they will be taught in a campus through series of classes , all containing the necessary knowledge on this topic. Nevertheless, you first need to unlock courses so that your students can start them.

How to unlock courses in the Two Point campus

Unfortunately, at the first passage, you need to go through each campus gradually unlock new functions and courses. Each location has different and unique tasks. You will receive courses as you pass and unlock each of them. You can read the descriptions of each place on the map to get an idea of which courses will be available there. Later you can assign any courses for the place as soon as you unlock them.

How to assign courses to students in the campus Two Point

To appoint a course from your campus to students, you will need to go to management of the menu, usually displayed at the entrance to a new place or at the beginning of the new school year. Choose add a new course to choose the course you want students to start. You will use glasses of the course that you earn during the game, increasing the level of campus to add and improve courses in your campus. Some campuses require you to teach certain courses, and will not give you the opportunity to add many different ones, while in others it will be completely at your discretion.

When you choose the course, pay attention to the right menu that they have requirements and qualifications . Each course will require certain classes and materials so that students can successfully complete the course. Qualification is required, for example, a teacher in the right field, and the course will not be able to begin without it. Some classes are also held for several years and will cost you more funds than others. It can be more difficult for your students to take more long-term courses that require several classes, so plan it accordingly, making sure that they have all the necessary equipment, as well as many available tutor and consulting services.

Thanks to a large number of courses available to you, there are so many opportunities and opportunities for study. Make pleasure, decorating your campus with thematic objects and the necessary materials for each class, and set your students to success, hiring experienced teachers!

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