The players of Far Cry 6 are not new in games that have relatively bad ends. However, it was recently revealed that the sixth opus of the franchise had an alternative end.

Unlike its predecessors, the alternative end of Far Cry 6 will require players that they first finish Libertad Rises – one of the first operations of the game – before being able to see it form. After completing the mission and attended a few cut scenes, the players of Far Cry 6 will then have the choice to stay with the resistance or run away in America and to lead a quiet life.

Far Cry 6 - Secret Early Alternate Ending

Naturally, Far Cry 6 will lead the players to the fight via a waypoint, but maneuvering a boat in the opposite direction for a while will trigger a fast fade in the black screen. The game will then show the playing protagonist, Dani, plagued on a beach after three months, with a radio animator announcing that Antagonist of the game, defeated the rebellion.

This particular alternative end for FAR Cry 6 is not as fast to find as those to which fans have become accustomed with the preceding securities of the franchise. However, it is expected that Far Cry community functions are most likely roaming them in order to get all the successes offered by the game.

Some Far Cry 6 fans also discovered a secret trailer in the game that teases something that involves tigers in armor, which they think are referring to some bad guys. They found QR codes on the sides of a certain pair of crates in the game, and the scanner will bring the players to a brief trailer that seems to tease the new content of the coming series.

Many players of Far Cry 6 think that the secret trailer of the game is linked to the DLC focused on the wicked game, which, in turn, has already been taquined by Ubisoft in the trailer of the Season Pass of the game. The DLC will allow players to play the role of Vaas, Joseph Seed and Pagan Min, in a voyou type mission structure that blends with what fans already know about the history of every villain.