This article was created in cooperation with AMD.

In order to play current games and create content, it is particularly necessary to strong processors and graphics cards . With us you can find out:

  • Why do gamers and creator need potent hardware
  • Which devices are available in different price ranges
  • Which performance features are really important for a laptop for gamers and creators

The requirements for notebooks are constantly increasing. For example, current AAA games demand more performance from the hardware than a few years ago and also complex content creator tools such as Photoshop or premiere require your devices.

But: even with an all-round notebook to play, stream, render and edit it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive laptop! We show you notebooks with strong AMD processors in all price ranges and explain when they are interesting for you could be.

for savings hunters: Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

The IdeaPad Gaming 3 is a perfect entry device for everyone who is just starting with streaming or content production. Thanks to the built-in AMD Ryzen ™ 7 processors, a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti and 16 GB RAM, you gamble or edit current AAA games and cut your recordings. The built-in SSD with 512 GB ensures enough space to save.

Games like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring or Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered You play on the IdeaPad Gaming 3 in a very high resolution. Of course, Raytracing is supported by the RTX 3050 Ti, but if you want to play with at least 60 frames, should You prefer to deactivate it with hardware-hungry titles.

The technical specs in detail:

Processor: AMD Ryzen * 7 5800H Mobile processor with 3.2 GHz
* Graphics card: Geforce RTX 3050 Ti
* RAM: 16 GB GDR4
* Hard drive: 512 GB SSD
* Screen: 15.6 inches, full HD resolution

The Power Convertible: Asus Rog Flow X13

With the ROG Flow X13 from Asus you get an all-rounder in all matters. Not only in terms of price and with its hardware, the device is perfect between low price and absolute power . The device for gamers and content creators is also very interesting due to a special trick: as a convertible, the model can be converted from a laptop to a compact tablet with one handle.

In this mode ** you work or play space-saving. And all your programs can be controlled without any problems via the 13.4 inch touch display.

Here you can see the equipment of the ROG Flow X13:

Processor: AMD Ryzen * 7 6800HS processor with 3.2 GHz
* Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050
* RAM: 16 GB GDR5
* Hard drive: 512 GB SSD
* Screen: 13.4 inch touch display, full HD resolution

no compromises: Razer Blade 14

If you don’t want to worry about performance when gaming or video and image editing, you will use the Razer Blade 14. You are also well equipped for the coming years. ** For current AAA games, you simply set up the graphic Ultra, activates all raytracing effects and enjoys your game in its best version with at least 60 frames-even with a stream running at the same time.

The editing of videos in 8k is also not a problem for the device. The built-in AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor masters all tasks and processes with ease. The integrated GeForce RTX 3070 Ti offers the necessary power to process any graphics and the 1 TB SSD ensures that your data and games find enough space.

You can see the exact specs here:

Processor: AMD Ryzen * 9 6900HX processor with 3.3 GHz
* Graphics card: Geforce RTX 3070 Ti
* RAM: 16 GB GDR5
* Hard drive: 1 TB SSD
* Screen: 14 inches, QHD resolution

laptops for gamer & creator: That is why the hardware is so important

Gaming and media processing drive modern PCs to their performance limits. Video recordings are played with more pixels by 4K and 8K resolution, that have to process a processor and the GPU. The link between several programs is also part of working and gaming.

Only in combination with the built-in hardware achieves the best results. A powerful processor ensures that many processes can be processed at once. Your graphics card delivers the corresponding visual splendor. So you can also play a current and hardware-hungry title such as cyberpunk 2077 to the full details with activated raytracing , stream at the same time and chat with your community in discord.

Your system can still get an additional boost through an SSD hard drive that reads and writes your data much faster than an HDD.
And in combination with correspondingly a lot of RAM , the SSD does not immediately reach its limits due to a fast processor.
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