Icon Swaps is a promotion that EA runs several times throughout the Ultimate Group calendar, enabling gamers to earn tokens through gameplay goals that can be utilized to declare Icons and pack rewards via SBS.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is the center of attention at the minute within FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with a lot of discount content dropping daily.

However, as we head into the month of December, players are starting to wonder whether Icon Swaps is ever going to get here.

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Find out when the first set of Icon Swaps will be launched in FUT 23 below.


FUT 23’s Icon Swaps 1 release date has actually not yet been confirmed, however we have a pretty great concept of when it will get here, judging from the previous years’ releases.

Release Date

The very first set of Icon Swaps showed up in previous FIFA son the following dates:

  • FIFA 22-December 15
  • FIFA 21-December 12

However, with the arrival of the World Cup Swaps program, Icon Swaps 1 appears to have actually been postponed.

Perhaps FIFA 23’s Icon Swaps 1 will be launched on Monday, 16 January 2023.

How to prepare for Icon Swaps 1

Now that we’ve seen what EA launched for Icon Swaps in FIFA 22, we can anticipate how best to prepare for the goals this year.

Owned Requirement was brought back in for FUT 22, with Icon Swaps Goals being customized towards Friendlies with various squad restrictions, so make sure you:

  • Save good gamers from the Top 5 Leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A & Ligue 1).
  • Save great players from popular Countries (Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium).
  • Complete loan SBS for functional meta cards from Leading 5 Nations & Top 5 Leagues.