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Netmarble, Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 Launched today

[Data provided: Netmarble]

\ – Implementation of actual players and 10 doubt duplicate graphics

Netmarble Pro-Baseball 2022 Gameplay || ×× who won? ????!!
Career mode that can grow ‘my own athlete’… Convenience High Landscape / Vertical Screen Switching

Released to enjoy the game before the opening of the KBO League

Netmarble said that the Mobile Baseball Game (Developer: Netmarble and Park) was formally released on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today (30th).

is a real baseball game released by Netmarble and Park. The external and specific figs of the actual players and the stadium of the ten clubs were implemented in a daily graphic. Only the dictionary download that started on the 29th, the Apple App Store is showing the first place in the app store.

In particular, it is possible to create a new fun through the ‘Career Mode’ that can create and grow ‘my own athlete’, and use their own teams with real players. In addition, it has increased the convenience of users with free horizontal and vertical screen switches, and you can enjoy a variety of content, including player cards that reflect actual records, professional baseball core scenes.

Netmarble said, “The 2022 KBO launched ahead of the opening of the league,” he said, “” We focus on all competencies to faithfully communicate to the users, I would be able to be satisfied with it. “

Netmarble prepared a variety of events commemorating this formal launch. First of all, we will proceed with the ‘Special Attendance Event’, which will attend the Diamond Player Card Pack for 14 days, and the game play will also take a ladder and golden ball events that can earn compensation for the game.

For more information on , can be found in official community .

Cacao Games, Umamusume Pretty Derby launched boot, teaser site

[Data provided: Cacao Games]

** \ – Teaser site and new video electric disclosure,

\ – Every week’s official KakaoTalk channel will be scheduled for various content series

** \ – Mobile games that foster characters with the best topics, the leading of the subcrete genre,

This year’s top expectation ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby’ has been preparing to launch earnest.

Kakao Games (CEO) (CEO) (Representative Gyeon-hyun) opened a new video of the Mobile Games ‘Umamusume Pretty Derby (“Umamusume’), which was developed by Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi), Causal Co., Ltd., and released new images.

The ‘Umamusume’, which is ahead of the release, is a sorting simulation game of a subcrete genre that is aimed at aiming to foster a string that is a motif of the race, and aims to win the race. Especially, last year, last February, he exceeded 1,300 million downloads, and it is a topic that is attracting great attention to domestic and global users, as well as Japan,

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Mobile Game - Demo Gameplay + Official Trailers (Android/iOS)

At this time, the teaser site, “Special Week”, “Special Week”, ‘Silan Suzuka’, “Tokai Tao”, to the key visual, which can feel the livelyness of an attractive character, and the curiosity of the users has been promoted to the introduction and slogan.

In addition, the Cacao Games official YouTube channel was first released a new teaser video. In the video, in the game ‘Trezen’ s, a ‘Uma Musume’, a ‘Trenic Academy’, a “Umamusume”, which is a unique atmosphere of ‘Uma Mousme’.

In addition, we will upload a variety of content on the official KakaoTalk channel every week. For users waiting for a game until the launch, we can see the game in the game in the game. I plan to introduce a colorful.

Cacao Games plans to publish game information sequentially for new “Umamusume Priti Derby” through the teaser site, and for more information on ‘Umamusume’, “Umamusume” official teaser site and official KakaoTalk channel, Cacao Games can be found in the official YouTube channel.

African TV, 16th ASL Season 13

[Data provided: Africa TV]

** \ – ‘The’ Rhinestone Lineup ‘A Joe,’ Djo’s D ‘, and the’ Djo’s D ‘, etc.

** \ – 2 games, 2 games of death, and 3 winner (Z) and ASL Season 12 (Z) and ASL Season 12 (T) Casting

** \ – March 22 (Tuesday) 8 River and 3rd games of the River, and the 8th round of the 8th game,


[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S13 Ro.16 Group C (Tastosis)

African TV StarCraft e Sports League ASL Season 13’s quarter-finals game starts.

African TV is a scientific real-time strategy (RTS) game of Blizzard Entertainment (RTS) game ‘StarCraft: Rimaster (Starcraft®: Remastered “e sports league’ Africa TV Star League Season 13 (ASL Season 13) ‘The quarter-finals of the quarter-finals said.

Especially, this quarter is expected to be hot as the players who have been through the 16th round of death to the ‘Rhinestone Lineup’ A. In addition, the confrontation of the confrontation of the confrontation between different races, and the balance between the players is also gathering as much as the balance between the players is also assessed.

Park Sang-hyun (Z) and Yoo Young Jin (T) will participate in the second game of the 8th (Wednesday), starting at 7 pm. I am interested in the “Jerg Sacred”, which is a third winner and a third winner of death,

(P) and Kim Min-chul (Z), the first game of the 8th round of the opening, will be held at 5 pm on the 22nd (Tuesday). After the end of the first game, the quarter-finals of Kim Sung-Dae (Z) and Lee Jae Ho (T) will play three games. The quarter-finals (T) and Kim Taek-Yong (P) (P)) are held at 7 pm on the next day, on the next day.

The ASL Season 13 8th Round is a 5-set map through a lottery of the 3-set or 2-four set maps, after the winner of the 16th winner, or after the two-set map is prioritized.

A user clip event, which can participate in the ASL win prediction event and real-time live, and a user clip event that can participate in a real-time live for users who watch the game. More details on events can be found in Africa TV ASL Official Bureau .

Meanwhile, ASL Season 13 is the Energy Drink ‘HOT6’ of Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd. Congress live and VOD can be watched through Africa TV E Sports page .

Pulse Bis “Black Desert, Foreign Dead Representative K

[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

BDO - 30,000 CAPHRAS??? | Black Desert Highlights
In the “2021, the Korean Game User Survey of the Korean Content Promotion Agency” on the Korean Content Promotion Agency,

Korea Content Promotion Agency divided 15 countries such as the US, China, Japan, Britain, and Brazil, such as the United States, China, UK, and Brazil ▲ Game time ▲ Korean game is a Korean game..

In the “Black Desert” in the ‘Preferred Korean Game’, is the first place in Japan, the first place in Germany, the second largest in the UK, 2nd place in the second largest, 2nd place in Italy, the second largest in the United States, 2nd place in Canada, I heard it in.

In addition, ‘Weekly Korea (PC / Online) game’ item is ranked first in Japan, first in Germany, 2nd in the UK, 2nd place in the United Kingdom, 2nd place in France, 2nd in the United States, 2nd in Canada, 2nd place in Brazil.

is MMORPG for more than 40 million people served in 12 languages ​​around the world. Taipei Game Show Official Awards held on January 22, the “Black Desert” was selected in the ‘Games Star’, and the “Black Desert” was selected for the ‘2021’ Made in ‘2021. ‘’ was picked up as a ‘the most improved game’, which is chosen. The black desert ▲ Continuous update ▲ Add a variety of classes ▲ New area and class reboot updates, etc.

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