Clover Games held a 1000-day commemorative thanksgiving system for mobile game roads of heroes service.

The audit system was held in real time streaming through the official YouTube channel of Road of Heroes.
Choir Siren, an announcer, Park Cohan, and Kim mid-Jul, a voice actor at John Station, introduced the story behind the development of the Road of Heroes and the 2023 update news.
In addition, Kim Born, a voice actor at Li-Lay Station, also performed a corner to listen to the stories of internal employees, such as interviewing clover games employees.


In addition, the awards ceremony of the fan art contest Show Me the Loki 3, which was held for about a month from November 22, to appreciate the winners with the users and 1000 days from the voice actors of the Road of Heroes, the UNICEF Korean Committee, and the illustrator.
I also had time to watch the festival.

In addition, the audit live broadcasting certification event and the 1000-day commemorative goods set were also released.
The 1000-day commemorative limited edition goods set will be presented to users through a separate event, and the related contents will be announced later.

An official of Clover Games said, Thank you to the users who have been supporting for a long time of 1000 days. We will continue to create various contents through constant communication and updates.

On the other hand, Road of Heroes offers a variety of events, including a daily discount rate, a 1000-day memorial hero reprint event, where the target heroes are randomly changed, and a treasure hunt that allows you to get special treasures by consuming unused goods.