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Upgrading the Immortal Fenyx Rising title is preparing the ready the first DLC

We have something amazing in our title update today, due to the fact that it includes a brief complimentary trial teasing our 1st DLC’ A New God ‘, stated the main never-ceasing fenyx rising Twitter account. The Season Pass of Immortals Fenyx Rising will take players via even more folklore, including a Chinese mythology campaign, as well as new personalities to play past Fenyx. The new title upgrade for Immortals Fenyx Rising is in prep work for the next DLC A New God, Ubisoft has not yet verified the official release of the DLC.

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One of the primary modifications made to Immortals Fenyx Rising with the new update of the title is a modification of the back-up corruption pest that numerous Xbox Collection X players met. The Season Pass of Immortals Fenyx Rising will take players via more folklore, consisting of a Chinese folklore campaign, as well as new personalities to play past Fenyx.

We have something interesting in our title update today, due to the fact that it includes a short totally free demo teasing our 1st DLC’ A New God ‘, claimed the official never-ceasing fenyx rising Twitter account. The quest is offered currently! Since the title upgrade consisted of a handful of repairs as well as gameplay modifications, it is a pleasurable surprise to see the cost-free addition of a demonstration of the next DLC which will possibly sell followers of fenyx rising on The Period Pass.

To prepare for the first DLC to find on Ubisoft Fenyx Rising Immortals, the video game has actually received a crucial upgrade from the title. The new title upgrade includes a brief and also totally free trial that teases the following DLC called A New God. The DLC will be consisted of in the Period Pass of Immortals Fenyx Rising, the Gold version of the game, or can be bought al1. Immortals Fenyx Rising is offered currently for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/ S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and Computer.

The brand-new title upgrade for Immortals Fenyx Rising is in prep work for the following DLC A New God, Ubisoft has not yet confirmed the official launch of the DLC. Are you quick-tempered to see the initial DLC of Immortals Fenyx Rising or are you extra thrilled to see some of these fixed pests? Allow us know in the remarks listed below!

Mario Kart 8: Worth the DLC pass for the booster

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is back and better than ever, with a new selection of DLC tracks that can stimulate your imagination. From the nostalgic ride of coconut mall inspired by the real world Parisian promenade Lawn through old and new routes, with friends, family or the fastest time against their enemies online.

Is this DLC worth your time or is he turning out in the last round? Find it out as we immerse yourself in the tracks, and make your way to the goal in our guide to let you know if this is the case Booster course DLC is your hard deserved coin worth Being!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Pack DLC is worthwhile

If Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is your first entry into the series or you have played since the first introduction of the series on the Super Nintendo, the latest and brightest version of Mario Kart offers a large selection of routes that you can enjoy. From the extensive underwater segments to the high-altitude flight in a glider, new gimmicks were introduced in almost every subsequent version of Mario Kart. But what if you miss one of your favorite tracks, which was not originally available in the game?

That’s where the Booster Course Package comes into play. Release differently Waves of tracks Will you find that you will enjoy new tracks to 2023 How to publish Nintendo 48 new REMASTERT traces until then. The first package contains 8 new titles right away and brings Games of Gameboy Advance, Wii, 3DS and tour to the tumbler.

Look at these tracks exclusively by Mobile Mario Kart tour on the big canvas is a pleasure as they can be inspired by real locations and give them the characteristic Mario Kart flair. Tracks like Pariser Promenade offer a unique challenge, as it leads every round through another part of the map, Tokyo blur Leads you on highways and highways and Ninja hiding Lets you through the labyrinth-like Hiking route and find abbreviations. These 3 are great additions to the game, as many fans of the Mario Kart series may have not played them.

The old favorites, how coconut mall, have made their triumphale return, but is it a good one? Well, in most cases yes. Coconut Mall loses a little at charm while transferring to the switch, as things like Z elevators and cars that would drive back and forth At the end of the track, static elements in the world were replaced, what A little bit away from the challenge and charm and disappointed some fans disappointed that it was not completely faithful reproduction. Coconut Mall to see in beautiful HD makes the transition slightly less shattering, and it’s still a great time to go through.

Other tracks cut off a little better. Coconut Mall is nostalgic for good reason, but the other tracks do not carry the same heavy load as the former. This leaves a little scope as they have made some changes to these tracks, but they are not so conspicuous. Choco mountain no longer looks like blurred cocoa dies, so you can actually see where you go and what you have mushroom bread on something except the DS is also a great option.

The biggest problem on which people have pointed out is the change art style , with simpler environments compared to the basic game. Although it is not very striking at the race, you will find that a simple architecture has replaced the more detailed flowers, and everything looks a bit smoother and easier, but that is not a make-or-break for this DLC.

48 Title for $ 24.99 is almost a breeze, and it’s exciting to see which tracks we get next and whether your favorite has done it there. We have our choice, what we want to see, and the excitement can only rise from here. While the first wave offers some great tracks, the time will only show what else we get! But for the first, if you are a fan of the Mario Kart series, it feels like a sin not to get this DLC, so make yourself on the way and drive race! See you on the track!

Wii Coconut Mall (Full Race) | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass DLC

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The Booster Course Pass is available now and will deliver new, revised courses by 2023.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Mario Kart 8: Is the DLC passport worth the Booster course?

The Dead by Daylight event gives players Easy blood points and iridescent fragments

Bevern in the light of day, recently obtained a new DLC with the launch of the Sadako Chapter, but that is far from being the only thing that the community obtained. Last week, a great sale of DLC was also announced (which, of course, did not include the most recent launch), as well as a free weekend, and this week, players will get even more rewards with login bonds that are They will give away every day until March 20. These bonuses are already available, so if you have already lost some, you have a couple of more days to claim them and make sure at least get some value.

How To Earn 1 MILL Bloodpoints Per Hour! - Dead By Daylight How To Maximize Your Bloodpoints!

Behavior Interactive announced the beginning of these login rewards this week and encouraged players to make sure to log in at least once a day to claim the rewards. Meanwhile, at the light of day, sometimes, the events included rewards that differed according to the day you decided to play. This event facilitates it by granting players the same prizes every day: 70 000 blood points and 170 iridescent fragments. The exception is the bonus of March 20, which is 170 000 blood points and 980 iridescent fragments.

The good news is that all you have to do to get these rewards is to log in to the game, that’s it, there are no other traps. The bad news is that if you did not begin to log in on March 14 when the event began, you will have already lost two days of rewards. That is still from today until March 19 to claim the rest, however, you still have many more blood points and iridescent fragments on the way, as long as you log in.

As almost everything, the players will already know that the bloodpoints are used to buy different offerings, articles and other resources through BloodWeb. The iridescent fragments, however, are a little more varied and valuable in their purposes. They can be used to buy any benefits in the sanctuary of the secrets during the week, and can also be used to buy original killers and survivors in the store. However, those characters cost much more than 170 iridescent fragments, so, although it will not buy anything directly from this event, at least it will put it on the right path or help close the gap with a benefit or character..

Buerto in light of day The Bloodpoint and Iridescent SHARD event is available from now until March 19.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands anuncia 4 DLC

The country of the wonders of Tiny Tina has not yet left, but as those familiar with the Borderlands family family have guessed, the developers already have established plans for what comes after the main experience. That includes the scenarios of the end of the game in which the players that were recently detailed, but also includes at least four DLC that will arrive after the launch. Gearbox Software and 2K talked about those DLC this week with advances on what is planned for Tiny Tina_’s wonders country to wait for.

While all the game is impregnated with the aesthetics of table role games, including spells, archetypes based on classes and fantasy scenarios, the DLC will take players to even stranger places through the ” Mystery mirrors », which are supervised by Diue Vesper. These transport players to “illusory environments” where they will fight at various levels, including a battle against a boss. Each of these Mirrors of Mystery releases will be sold as four individual DLC, but, naturally, you can buy the seasonal pass to make sure you all insured in advance.

“The final boss inside each Mirror of Mystery will become more powerful over time, and Vesper’s stories are designed to be repeated so you can try your temper against the growing difficulty,” said 2K about the new DLC. «Every time you successfully vents the increasingly fearsome forms of the boss, you will get lost souls that will allow you to turn the wheel of Vesper’s destiny. The turns of this spooky gadget can reward you with legendary weapons, equipment and other items ».

If five levels and a bosses fight for a DLC sounds a bit simple, it could be more reassuring to know that the final leaders are supposed to be supposed to be more powerful over time “so that players can continue to stay al Day with his challenges. Defeating the bosses will make players obtain “lost souls”, which can be used to get legendary and more of Vesper level equipment, so that’s where the coveted aspect of the Borderlands booties comes into play.

If nothing else, you may want to plan to get the fourth DLC if you choose to stay with Tin Tin Tina Wonders until then. It comes with a new class, but the creators still do not say what that class will be.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Season Pass Trailer

«The fourth delivery of post-launch content will also submit the addition of a seventh class that will be announced to the list of six classes that can mix and combine in the base game,” said the ad. “With its own class feat, two new action skills and a unique skill tree to play, the seventh class will create even more multiclass possibilities».

The Wonderland of Tiny Tina is scheduled to launch on March 25, so wait for more DLC news at some point or after that.

Agricultural Simulator 22: Precision Farming appears for free in April

Virtual agriculture will soon be more real, because the agricultural simulator 22 receives a variety of precision farming technologies bundled in a free DLC.

In 2020 by John Deere initiated and financially funded by EIT FOOD, Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, publishes publisher and developer Giants software the Precision Farming Free DLC on 19 April 2022 for PC and consoles. The free content introduces plant sensors, an environmental assessment system and other new features that further deepen the gameplay.

New mechanics and function improvements
The Precision Farming Free DLC focuses on reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and adds to the agricultural simulator 22 plant sensors and variables and drilling, as well as variable weed control and application of organic fertilizer.

The new Environmental Assessment System helps the playing to increase the sustainability of their operation and their field fruits by using the intelligent technologies contained in the DLC.

In addition, the Precision Farming Free DLC has the features of the version developed for the Agriculture Simulator 19, which laid the foundation stone with the introduction of floor types, soil samples, variable fertilization and economic analysis.

However, these already existing features will not only return, but were also further improved: For example, there is the possibility to purchase soil cards for a fee from a service provider, which saves their time to remove their own soil samples.

EU funded project for sensitization of sustainable agriculture
With more than one million downloads, the first version of the Precision Farming DLC ​​of the Agricultural Simulator 19 was a great success.

The aim of EIT Food financially funded project is to convey knowledge about sustainable agricultural technology. The implementation of Precision Farming for the world’s successful agricultural simulator series is one of many steps that would like to raise awareness of this topic.

“We are proud to be an active part of this important project,” says Thomas Frey, Creative Director at Giants Software. “With the agricultural simulator 22, the most extensive part of the series, which has sold more than three million times since Launch, we would like to use ourselves not only for the sustainable technology behind Precision Farming, but even more game depth of our faithful and dedicated fans Offer.”

Various other European partners are also part of the project: Thus, the University of Hohenheim (Germany), the University of Reading (Great Britain), cooperate, the Group (largest cereal cooperative Spain) and the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences To advance this technology.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 of the Developer and Publishers Giants Software is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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