Twitch is a popular platform to reproduce live content. Content creators such as Ninja have won millions playing video games for fans, and the platform has made agreements with games editors to provide free content in the game for users. The games of chance on Twitch are a new worrying trend that worries the platform and its customers. If you are wondering What is the Twitch game and why it is prohibited Here is everything you need to know.

Explanation of Twitch Games


Twitch Gambling is simply the transmission of slots, roulette, dice or other betting sites that lack consumer data protection. Transmitters such as Classy beef and Deuce ace have been attracting in recent months many spectators who play these games in their transmissions. While these transmissions often do not directly promote chance games, there are cases in which large cash gifts are produced, as well as several promotions for affiliated websites.

From the point of view of Twitch, these types of betting have been lucrative to attract spectators, but the affiliation to these sites does nothing to improve the reputation of the company as a safe place to enjoy electronic sports. Currently, Twitch protects its viewers by preventing someone from sending links or references to these betting sites in the chats. Unfortunately, these protections quickly became inappropriate since betting sites sponsored the streamers to bet on their audiences.

Why is it forbidden to bet on Twitch

In recent weeks, many popular content creators, including Primate, have spoken to ask for Twitch to completely prohibit the betting sites. His concern has been that many Twitch users, especially teenagers, become addicted to gambling after seeing their favorite transmitter. The disaster potential of thousands of Twitch spectators who compulsively bet on what, understandably, are willing to oppose.

Plans were made between a circle of popular influential people to protest the problem with a boycott of transmission to the end of the year. He intended to damage Twitch by reducing his number of users in the period prior to the Christmas season, when advertising income is more precious.

In the end it turned out that none of that was necessary; The large number of streamers worried arguing the subject was enough to capture Twitch’s attention. The company responded rapidly: on September 20, 2022, Twitch announced that the transmission of sites without a license such as, and will be banned on the platform through its Twitter account. Sports betting sites such as Draft Kings and Poker online will not be affected.

With luck, this guide has given a useful general description of what Twitch ** is the game and why it was prohibited. The prohibition officially begins on October 18 of this year. You can consult the summary of of popular serpentine that react to the news here.

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