Millions of people have grown up enjoying Batman, so today is not a good day for them. Unfortunately, Kevin Conroy h died at 66 years of age , after a while fighting a disee, the Do mane Pershing dubbing actress (Batman: the animated series) h revealed on Facebook in a statement that houses a message Very clear: It will be very strange both by his companions, and for his legion of fans.

His debut at the head of Batman took place in Batman: the animated series, broadct between 1992 and 1995. The beginning of a career of almost 30 years putting voice to the bat , being his lt work the interpretation of Bruce Wayne in Bat woman (2019). In video games, we have heard it in the Arkham Saga of Rock steady , well in titles diverse JAK and Baxter: the legacy of the precursors, Crh Bandicoot 3: Warped and Max Payne 2, among others.

The world of cinema says goodbye to him

In the animation series- in countless works-, the Joker h been the most important enemy among all to which the dark gentleman h faced. And in that series, his voice w in charge of Mark Hamill, who wanted to say goodbye to Conroy with a very emotional message : Kevin w a brilliant actor. His rhythm, his way of interpreting… all that helped me a lot, I couldn’t have done it without him. It will always be my Batman .

Paul Mini, producer of the original series , commented that Conroy h brought her light with him everywhere and that he always made sure that fans had a moment alone with his batman. On the other hand, Led Lang (Batman: Arkham Knight) h published a meaning on Twitter: Rest in peace friend. My love and my condolences for all that are suffering your loss.


Rest in peace.