In these moments you can now play _ cyberpunk 2077 _ natively on your ps5 and xbox series x | s. If this will be your first time at Night City, you just need to buy the digital copy and ready. However, if you plan to use your PS4 and Xbox One physical disk, We tell you how to perform the update for free .

Started with Xbox, thanks to the Smart Delivery, with just putting your disc, or updating your digital copy on Xbox Series X | S, You can enjoy cyberpunk 2077 without problems . However, PLAYSTATION users need to follow a series of additional steps.

1.- Insert your PS5 any of the two discs of cyberpunk 2077.

This Kinda SUCKS! - Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update is HERE (PS5/Xbox)

2.- No matter if you had the game installed or not, go to the product page of the game and in the first option, the button to download the PS5 version at no cost.

3.- The download of around 56GB begins.

4.- If you want to save space on your PS5, you can completely erase the PS4 version. They are separate applications.

5.- Enjoy your return to NIGHT CITY.

Along with this, it is not necessary to install or update the version of PS4 to download the improved version of PS5. Next to this, the installation weight is not as big as one would come to think, since only 56 GB of free space is needed.

On related topics, these are all the details of cyberpunk 2077 in the new generation.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that cyberpunk 2077 is finally available in a consoles that really can run the adventure that CD Projekt Red promised several years ago. Now it is only necessary to know when is that the physical edition of PS5Y Xbox Series X | S is available.