My child wants a professional gamer, but I’m still a junior high school student. Is it better to go to high school to the public?

I want to be a battleground pro gamer, but the school that I want to be the first place does not run the club, and I am worried about the second-ranked school.-

On Sunday afternoon, questions that may be somewhat unfamiliar came from the game coach academy Hongdae. On this day, the game coach academy held an e-sports college admission session for students and parents. The briefing session was not much different from other university career counseling. The information sessions were what universities they wanted, what they wanted to teach, and what kind of job they could have after graduation.

According to the Ministry of Education’s survey, pro-gamers ranked 5th in 2020 and 7th in 2021 in the job of elementary school students. There are only a few youth who become a pro gamer. The e-sports department can be the ‘Plan B’ of the youth who wish to gamer.


The e-sports industry consists of a professional gamer with league operators, broadcasters, media, spectators, consumers, and sponsors. The occupational ecosystem consists of e-sports education institutions, competitions and related jobs. The educational institution teaches professional gamer and coach aspirants. Related jobs include professional casters, sample designers, e-sports administrators, data analysts, and e-sports agents.

Lee Seung-hoon said, As the growth of the e-sports industry, the university is preparing for the e-sports department quickly. The department of e-sports in the university has not been completed yet. Therefore, there are two types of students who recommend going to e-sports department. The first is a student who wants to continue the pro gamer challenge even if he is over 20 years old. This is the case when he is a college team player and continues to enter pro gamers. Second is a student who wants to work in the e-sports industry as an activity outside the players.

The schools with e-sports departments include Chonnam National University of Science, Honam University, Suseong University, International University, Osan University, Chosun University, Shingu University, Woosuk University, and Soongsil University Global Future Education Center. There are some differences between schools, but majors are usually divided into professional gamer majors, e-sports industry majors, and e-sports broadcasting majors.

△ Pro Gamer major will participate in the competition as a member of the university team. Even after becoming an adult, it is suitable for students who continue to dream of professional gamers. Students can use the practice facilities in the university. △ E-sports industry majors can learn marketing, tournament planning and operation, and team management. You can collaborate with local governments and companies linked to universities. △ esports broadcasting major deals with actual broadcasting equipment and teaches classes.

One of the best schools is Chonnam University of Science. Lee said, It may be geographically unfortunate, but the performance is the best, he said. It is the first school that created e-sports departments. Another advantage is that the faculty has a higher understanding of esports compared to other schools.

In the field, there were various questions about entering e-sports departments. Do you have to give up high school studies to become a pro gamer? ‘You can see it. The department of e-sports can be a way to continue the areas I want to do when I can’t become a pro gamer.

Currently, there is no suitable curriculum for e-sports-related jobs such as coaches and directors. Lee said, If you go to e-sports department, you can create a job education opportunity little by little. I introduced it.

Lee chose ‘Valorant’ as the next generation of e-sports events. Usually, elementary school students and middle school students enjoy games, because these days are the main reason that students do a lot of ‘Valorant’. Normally, esports often connects games that were played in youth, so ‘Valorant’ is relatively likely to be the next generation of games.

If you are a junior high school student who wants a professional gamer, Lee said, In reality, it is not recommended to enter the public literary high school.

The Game Coach Academy will continue its admissions briefing at Busan Centum Branch on August 14. We have held this briefing session to deliver high quality information based on the know-how that has achieved about 2,000 consultations and the first place in Korea after the opening of the game coach. We have a recommendation and privilege of game coaches that have been completed through industry-university cooperation with 10 schools at home and abroad.