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Elden Ring: This is how her Rennala, the Queen of the full moon

Elden Ring - Let's Play Part 23: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
From now on you can see in a new video for Elden Ring how you can defeat Rennala.
Rennala, the queen of the full moon, is the boss opponent in the academy of Raya Lucaria.
We will show you how you successfully master this boss fight in a video:
Elden Ring is now available for 69.99 euros and can be ordered from the Microsoft Store.
You will receive the Elden Ring Deluxe Edition for 89.99 euros.
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Elden Ring: Malenia faces the rest of Bosses in this video: Can everyone defeat them?

If you have explored the underworld from head to toe, surely you know Malenia, Miquella’s sword is undoubtedly the most fearsome boss of Elden Ring. Although optional, Malenia is a key character in the universe of the last Fromsoftware game and its second phase as is a real challenge that not everyone has been able to overcome.

So, someone has asked the question… if Malenia is in fact the most powerful of the bosses, Could she defeat them all others?

Malenia, stronger than the Lord of Elden

Garden of Eyes, a youtuber who has worked on many of the mods available in Elden Ring, including the invocation of the mythical let me alone Her , had the fabulous idea of facing Malenia with each Boss of the game.

The question he asks us is the following:”Malenia is one of Elden Ring’s strongest bosses, then another boss can overcome her, or at least take her to her second phase?”,And he developed this mod that allows the goddess of rot to face the creatures of the underworld.

Therefore, for more than 40 minutes, You can observe in the viewer’s view the fights of Malenia, which confirm the immense power of it. The shortest fight on her remains that of Godrick, who succumbs after a single attack of Miquella’s sword. The longest is the one that faces Malenia against the Fire Giant, who makes him have a hard time due to the strong attacks of her with her shield.

Who can defeat Malenia?

Finally, in this mod, in any case, Miquella’s sword does not seem to be the most powerful of the game and she is defeated by two other bosses .

ELDEN RING: Malenia VS All Bosses

  • Maliketh, the black leaf. Although Malenia expires to the cleric beast, she will succumb to the second phase of the latter, that is, Maliketh. The latter is one of the most difficult bosses of the game, and terrifies everyone the opponents of him thanks to his agility and aggressiveness. Therefore, she is not surprising to see him rival him with the speed of Miquella’s sword and overcome it.
    * Radahn, the scourge of the stars . This fight left some skeptical users. In fact, the fight against Radahn begins from far away and Malenia must try to approach the boss. An approach that is impossible, because the scourge of the stars chains the arrows and defeats Miquella’s sword from a distance. A bitter victory, therefore, which is however not very representative, in the absence of a melee.

In any case, although she was defeated twice during these epic fights, Malenia is still impressive thanks to her speed and her mortal combos. She has terrified manyless in the world… except one!

let me alone, the greatest threat to Malenia

Certainly Maliketh and Radahn managed to defeat the goddess of rot, but did they defeat her 1000 times? No. The only one to achieve this feat is the legendary let me alone Her, who recently challenged himself Malenia 1000 times. She retransmitted the number 1000 death, which made her legendary.

Therefore, if there is a person to whom Malenia fears in the underworld, it is Kleintsuboiow, aka the terrible _let me alone Her,The nightmare of Miquella’s sword! Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the goddess of rot will have marked the minds of players around the world and, despite these 1002 defeats, Her power is still far from being tainted.

Elden Ring: How to get the Step Ash of War from Bloodhound

War ash are essentially the same as the weapons arts we saw in Dark Souls III, except that this time, they can be collected individually and placed on any adequate regular weapon of their choice. This offers a variety of constructions in Elden Ring and allows players to create some truly unique constructions. Here is How to get the Ash of War step by Bloodhound at Elden Ring.

Get the Step Ash of War from Bloodhound in Elden Ring

  • Go to the DragonBarrow region in Caelid.

  • Go to the northeast to Lenne’s Rise, and you will see a bridge right in front.

  • Rest at a site of grace or wait until it’s at night so that the chief of the cavalry of the night appears.

  • Defeat the cavalry at night to get the Ash of War step of the Bloodhound.

The cavalry of the night is not too difficult to overcome, assuming you are at an appropriate level for Caelid. Like all the other heads of Night’s Cavalry, you will want to take your time to dodge your blows and try to kill your horse to fall to the ground, which makes it much more vulnerable. This battle can also be easily handled on horseback.

The passage of the blood is one of the most useful warflowers that you can get in Elden Ring. It can be placed in any body-to-body weaponry and it gives you an extremely fast side step when you hit L2 / LT. It also consumes very little FP, and it can be useful when you are forced to walk slowly in a swamp, or when you face incredibly hard heads like Malenia.

That’s all you need to know about How to get the Step Ash of War from Bloodhound at Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

Ash of War Bloodhound's Step - Invisible Dodge - Elden Ring

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Elden Ring Meets Zelda: Fan creates its own Ganondorf to reconstruct

The character editor of Elden Ring allows completely delocated creations and leaves no fan. Both the colors as well as the proportions of nose, mouth and Co. can once again assume abstruse.

For example, the GameStar editorial team shows what creative ideas they had and which offers possibilities of the extensive character editor. Also on the internet, fans proudly present their created beings. A player has erected the character editor so far that he created a figure, which we actually know from a completely different video game.

Ganondorf comes to the intermediate country

What has he created? On RedDit shows User PalamationGaming, which is all possible with the character editor of Elden Ring. He presents a character with greenish skin, red hair, a tattooed forehead and a shiny, imposing armor:




Elden Ring Character Creation - Ganondorf

If this figure is familiar to you? The character is modeled in the villain Ganondorf, who has as an antagonist numerous performances in the legend of Zelda series. This Ganondorf specifically has as inspiration sources The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors, a musouflor of Zelda games.

The armor, which he uses for his subsequent Ganondorf, has the player from the endboss Starry Radahn. He made the rest of the appearance only with the help of the character editor so that he really knows Ganondorf.

The following video shows in which world the self-created Ganondorf can now overthrow:

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Ganondorf to imitate

The comment column clearly shows that the community is completely out of the cottage about the self-created Ganondorf. User FriendofBirb finds only praising words for the look:

That’s tough. Go a pair of Hylianic skulls smashing.

Even user J-Raine can hardly be braked before enthusiasm about the appearance of the subsequent Ganondorf:

[…] This is the most impressive elden ring character I have ever seen.

If you want to postpone the Ganondorf yourself: The creator has shared the values ​​for the slider from the character editor so that you only need to take over the values ​​to pull the king of the Gerudos through the Zwerland.

Which characters have you already rebuilt with the character editor?

Steam: Can Elden Ring defend the top spot in the weekly sales charts?

Also this week our view is the current Steam sales chart and all of what has happened in comparison to the previous week. It quickly becomes clear that the action role-playing Elden Ring continues to find on top spot. It is still two times in the top 10, but now a slightly larger gap between the two versions gaffes now.

On the second place is still the handheld Steam Deck, which is now the Koop game IT TAKES Two in the neck. The latter has received a small thrust due to a current discount campaign at Steam and is therefore on the third place. Above all, there are some shifts to report, spectacular or great changes compared to the previous week, however, is not available.

Here is the current top 10 (based on the generated revenue), in the overview:

  1. Elden ring
  2. Steam deck
  3. IT TAKES Two
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

Elden Ring - Bleed Build Guide - Mohgwyn's Chosen
5. Core Keeper
6. Valve Index VR Kit
7. Red Dead Redemption 2
8. Elden ring

  1. Dread Hunger
  2. WWE 2K22

How to level up at Elden Ring? These are our suggestions for the distribution of attributes

Elden Ring, like great rpg , will enable us make our character in the manner in which best suits our game style through a collection of attributes that we will go up from level As we earn golden runes, either finishing enemies or acquiring them with things. We currently discussed their initial courses and in which of these attributes they highlighted at a start, yet on this occasion we wish to tell you just how to create our character in the most efficient way if you finish reaching the globes of Miyazaki.

You have to understand the different attributes of which you have as well as what is it for one of them:

Elden Ring conceals a matching tribute homage: we tell you the information as well as where to discover it

How To Level Up In Elden Ring

Subscribe to the 3D video game network on YouTube .

The climb of attributes also will have an influence on your resistance , although this time around we have liked to focus on the fundamental constructions which can be assisted by Complete the video game for the very first time . In the exact same way, the arcan attribute may be interesting for a construction made to gather particular uncommon objects, although in an initial game, you are likely to disen from it.

The magic battle will certainly be determined by the attributes of Knowledge as well as Fe , and also in the same method that in the body to body combat, you must monitor that the objects escale in the attribute in which you are specializing. spells will certainly be established by intelligence and will have a more offending hall , while Milagros will rely on belief and be more concentrated on protection or assistance **, although They can also execute damage.

The attributes do not scal the same in all levels matter on that some battle ash will additionally serve vary the attribute with which you scale your weapons , enabling you to create very intriguing constructions. The hybrid characters will also provide you standing to incorporate various designs of play, although once more, you have to control the level scaling for not squandering runes in your development. For simple courses as you can be a personality that combats on the body to body as well as develop your build on the pressure attribute: starting with the course of hero , we need to reach level 100 with an attribute circulation in Lathe to 45 both active, as well as active as well as sustain .

Vitality and endurance are typical attributes to all courses Ideal in Elden Ring is that you specialize in an established design , at the very least along the first game as well as especially if you are not experts of The Collections of fromSoftware. Performance of scaling is figured out by values E, D, C, B, An as well as S , being the worst value and also the finest. The attributes do not scal the same at all levels matter on that some war ash will certainly likewise serve vary the attribute with which you scale your weapons , enabling you to produce really intriguing constructions. The crossbreed personalities will also provide you standing to integrate different styles of play, although once again, you must manage the level scaling for not squandering runes in your development. For basic classes as you can be a personality that fights on the body to body as well as build your build on the force attribute: beginning with the class of hero , we need to get to level 100 with an attribute distribution in Lathe to 45 both in force, and also in pressure and sustain .

The method which the attributes is intensified is not the very same in all of them, the vitality will escale particularly well as they come close to level 40, while the increase will certainly be progressively efficient from there. The endurance, on the contrary, scales well at somewhat reduced degrees, although it remains reasonably consistently until the level 40 is commonly gotten over.

The attribute of mind can offer any type of kind, it is essential in magical fight and success at each new level will certainly be benefited from level 20, reaching the maximum advantage in between level 50 as well as 60, being one of the attributes that takes the most to reach its height of optimum advantage as well as being unprofitable to climb in its initial levels if we do not think specialize.

View the efficiency of acceleration of your tools a lot force, and skill, intelligence, faith and also arcane, escalate in a similar means, being the first degrees the most reliable , reducing the rise by level from the 20 As well as staying routine until regarding 60. Concerning the Arcano attribute, although maybe it is the least interesting for a gamer who is beginning, it will certainly also serve to range in some really details tools.

If you have determined to combat melee, you will certainly locate different weapons that scalable utilizing the pressure attribute or the dexterity. This is suggested in the summary of the weapon, in the area “Climbing attributes”. Performance of scaling is determined by worths E, D, C, A, b and also s , being the most awful worth and the best. To specialize in the best method, you will certainly need to post the value of the attribute with which you scale the type of tools you intend to make use of.

The simplest means to enter Elden Ring is specialized in a specific class, you can develop blended personalities , that use magic as well as body to body, in the same way that you will discover tools that will certainly scalar in the attributes of toughness as well as skill just as If you choose on this path, Call the scaling of attributes to take advantage to a greater degree the level surge, keeping the worths balanced within the levels in which the progression is a lot more reliable.

If you have simply started your journey through the middlelands, these 7 suggestions can make your initial hours less difficult, as well as if you have actually not yet played Elden Ring, in 3DGames we have played more than 60 hours as well as we inform you why we are Interesting it has come to be the biggest as well as most enthusiastic job of fromSoftware to day.

Vitality as well as endurance are typical attributes to all courses Suitable in Elden Ring is that you focus on a set style , at the very least along the very first video game and especially if you are not professionals of The Sets of fromSoftware. For this, there are 2 attributes that are usual to all classes and game styles: These are vigor as well as endurance The endurance attribute will serve you for all the actions, no matter of your class, you will utilize it a lot by throwing strikes with a sword such as tossing spells, and short-running you will not have the ability to maintain rhythm in combat at the time of dodging, rolling, assault, block. While the vigor will establish your life, as well as unless you trust a lot in your reflexes as well as your perfect dodge, it is very important that you maintain it at a high value.

The fire Ring Kenneth Questline

Elden Ring - Kenneth Haight Questline and Locations
If you ride in Elden Ring over the fields of Limgrave, you can encounter a named name Kenneth Haight asking you for help with reconquest of his fortress. A Stormveil knight commander has taken over control over it, and it is up to you to clean it. When they come back, Kenneth will be so impressed by their work so that he asks them if they want enters his service . It’s a serious question, and many players are not sure what the right decision is. You must know about Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring.

Where is Fort Haight?

Kenneth says his fort is for the south beyond the fog forest , which is not too far away. The fog forest is the huge forest area in the eastern half of Limgrave and is located directly opposite the road south of Kenneth’s position. Climb Torrent and drive all the way through the forest. Fort Haight is on the south side of the forest ** overlooking the sea on a hill. The main road, which leads through the fog forest, leads you directly. The exact location of the fort can be found in the map below.

As soon as you arrive, you will find that the place of knights is overrun exactly like Kenneth said. There are quite many of them outside and a particularly hard waiting on the top of the tower, so make sure that you unlock the Site of Grace on the right of the fortress before you try to recapture you back. The outside of the fortress has a large group of knights and a huge enemy like crazy pumpkin head So be careful.

Inside, enemies throw fire bombs that try to kill them with hidden explosive barrels, so make sure. There are also rats, so do not let yourself be surprised. At the top of the fortress is a lonely knight, which is much stronger than the others. He is the Storm veil knight commander has mentioned the Kenneth, so you have to do it down. It is a tough fight when they are underlyerated or underlevelt, but it’s manageable if you can record it with him one to 1. If the proof is clear, it’s time to return to Kenneth Haight to get your reward.

You should promise Kenneth in Elden Ring?

If you return to Kenneth Haight with the good news, he will give you the groundmark as a reward. This dagger falls up because it actually has a minimum intelligence requirement next to the usual attributes. If you continue talking to Kenneth and exploit all its dialogue options, he will ask you if you want to go to his service, hoping to become a knight one day. So, should you promise Kenneth your service?

If you Do not promise your service then nothing happened and you can go your way. If you decide to pledge your service to Kenneth, but then he will ask you Meet him in Fort Haight to a ceremony . You can quickly travel to the nearby place of grace to avoid the fog forest and get there faster.

Once you arrive, you will find that it will be inhabited by a group of half-men , at least on the ground floor. However, you can do it quickly, and as soon as you have done this, you will find Kenneth on top of the fortress where you fought against the strong knight. Talk to him and you will learn the truth. Kenneth can not really make you knight , at least not now, so he only used you to get back to his fortress. This is the end of the search too, at least as far as the Elden Ring community has found out, that’s it.

On the positive side you can get a reward with violence. If you kill Kenneth Haight, it leaves a falling Golden Seed you can use to improve your healing bottle in a place of grace. They require two of them to make upgrade, but they can also grab a Golden Seed at the Golden Tree in front of Fort Haight. There is a possibility that Kenneth Haight appears in a later quest, but the players of Elden Ring have not found yet. So if you want to be super safe, just leave the man in his fortress alone.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

  • This item was updated on 3 March 2022

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Runebear Boss Guide: How To Defeat Runebear In Elden Ring

There are so many bosses in Elden Ring that it could be overwhelming for some. So many caves, dungeons, catacombs and so on. In each one is an impressive boss, which obliges everyone to hold on. They have the introductory boss like the watchdog or crossing bosses like dragons. Some bosses are more on the side of the fauna, which may be a pain to kill them. Here we help you to defeat the runn bears in Elden Ring.

How to defeat the runbears in Elden Ring

The Rune Bear is an enlarged and angry version of the bears, which they would encounter in the forest areas in the Lands Between. In this case, his shadow side is the best choice to cause considerable damage. This is not the armored enemy, so this wild beast makes the with its mobility and heavy damage emissions. It is strongly recommended not to try to run away from it.

Maintaining stamina is crucial in this struggle . It benefits almost nothing to intervene at a reasonable moment when he fits an attack. The rune bear can cover the floor very easily. Instead, hold a good distance between you both, whom he is mostly respected.

Since the rune bear is very aggressive, you should not block against him . He can add blood loss, what they can influence even when they block with objects, having full resistance to physical damage. He can break her guard with his attacks, so get us a minimum of using it. Instead, focus more on dodging.

Every time the bear lifts an arm, he is about to attack. Dodge roll into the opposite direction where he swings. When he lifts his right arm, he will spread to the left. In this case, they should dodge to the right. The invincibility frames of their evasive maneuver enable them into an advantageous position to land a few punches.

When he stands on his hind legs and seeks a slam, get ready to turn left or right. You can block the attack, but you miss this boss extra damage. The attacks of this bear are almost trivialized as well as evasive roles may be.

At this point of their journey, they have taken their way to the south of Limgrave and past the sacrificial bridge. What they expect is access to enemies and poured medium levels that can be worthwhile for them, including defeating the overnight cavalry of the night.

Runebear Boss Guide - Elden Ring Runebear Boss Fight

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

Home / Player / Runebear Boss Guide: How to Defeat Runebear in Elden Ring

“Elden Ring” Fromme I want to give a beginner, I want to give an early knowledge! Four points to help your journey

Action RPG “Elden Ring (Elden Ring)” has been released with high difficulty action and extensive open fields. You can use this weekend to help you enjoy the battle and adventurous search for your hand.

This “Elden Ring” has a color-darkness of the high difficulty action series that the From Software has cultivated so far, and also incorporates a large number of systems familiar to fans. On the other hand, there are also only one of the original elements of this work, and there are not many people who play the company’s title for the first time in this “Elden Ring”.

Where are you exploring and fighting with whom? The choice is entrusted to the user’s hand and is very freedom “Elden Ring”. However, because there are many hard fights, some people who are not familiar with the game will be struggling to get up.

So this time, for beginners of the From-Software work, we will give you a point and a capabilities to support the early play of “Elden Ring”.

It is not an introduction to a detailed game system, but a means of interest in an emphasis on understanding, focusing on the way to break up the situation and the point where you want to hold it. It is a dangerous world, but based on the number of accruedness, enjoy the journey and enjoy the journey.

# ■ Are you scared of enemies that will come out strangely? If so, “Lock on”!

The field to adventure is vast, and its terrain is also varying. And the enemy is crawling in the place. The enemy of this work is generally compared to the general action RPG, and it is also possible to keep in touch with the panic and lose it as it will be brought up to eat unexpectedness.

If you repeat such death, you may be fearful and fear that you are not good at finding field search. Before falling into this cycle, check your safety at “Lock On”.

When the R3 button (in the case of PS5 / 4 edition) is pushed, the white point is with the opponent if there is an enemy within a certain range of views. This is “lock-on”, and if you fight as it is, it will always be a camera operation that grasps the opponent’s figure in the center of the screen, eliminates the fear of sight.

It is mainly used as a function that supports the battle, but it is useful as a role of a radar that finds the other party when it is difficult to detect in the weather or surrounding environment. If you press the R3 button to activate “Lock on”, it is obvious that there is an enemy there. If you’re a doubtful place, you will be able to eat unexpectedness from the enemy, so it is recommended because it will be quite lowered.

However, it is limited to the scope of visibility. Since the enemy ahead of the shield can not be detected, the wall or rock is careful. Be careful not to jump into a light rate until you see visually.

# ■ Field enemies are keen? At that time, if you run away!

There are various enemies in the field. If you are patrolling a constant route, you can protect the base, or use it from the high platform, and the way of the way. In addition, the strength is also a town, but even if it is a group of weak categories, it is a population, so the hand is increasing at a stretch, so who can not be oiled by anyone.

Battle is always dangerous, whether it is a single group. However, there is no need to fight until you die there. You can escape from the enemy on the field, except for some situations (such as certain bosses).

I’m fighting, and I tend to continue until I died, but it is also a good strategy to escape. It is a hand to break with “blessing” and re-divide, destroy the one-off enemy’s group and return the number of times of use of the Holy Growball, and it is not a bad choice again.

Elden Ring - Must Have Items & Unlocks You Need To Grab Early! Elden Ring Tips & Tricks

If you go to the Horse Hota “Trent” that you can get in the early morning, you will be easier to get away from the enemy. If you think “I can die”, switch the feeling and run away. Since it only needs to win someday, there is no need to work too much for the current victory.

By the way, if you are exploring, it will come out to the Kanmon and Ohashi, which protects the key, but if you ride “Torrent” and run through at a stretch, you can go through it as it is. “I want to go ahead, but I’m not confident that I can beat the enemy…”, I’m also recommended to try it once. However, if you want to lose the rune, it’s a better.

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