For its initial game, the Alsatian workshop embers are banking on a brief communication cycle given that it is just under 2 months away from the release of Strayed Lighting that we find the gameplay of this action-atmospheric action-adventure video game with
A solid accent on battles.


In this journey without dialogue with dreamlike atmospheres, the gamer embodies a being of light in an animatic pursuit to discover the equilibrium, his yet also that of others.
On his way will stand up imposing creatures, manifestation of the interior demons fed on by their emotions which intend to stop him from relocating onward.

From there, it’s all about colors.
Do you like Karma?
Very great, yet in fact no report, sorry.
Below, the player must synchronize on the exact same color as his challenger (either blue, orange) and make a parade at the right time to take in power of the blow, with the exemption of specific corrupt attacks which need to be imperatively dodged.
When the scale at the end of the display loaded with this energy, the gamer can trigger his finisher.
Beginning with this base, Embers will graft new abilities and also mechanics over the experience.
Strayed Lighting will be released on April 25 on all consoles and computer.