With the arrival of wave race 64 to the section of N64 in Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, We also saw the update of this application . Although the great aggregate was the classic racing game, a series of elements that are worth mentioning have been changed.


Although Nintendo does not share this information, Oatmealdome, a famous data mining, revealed that update 2.6 of the application of the N64 does more than just add wave race 64 to the catalog of games. Specifically, it is mentioned that the NTSC, German and French Pal versions Pal de Pokemon Puzzle League had adjusted the rendering configuration, which is related to the eliminated color Framebuffer. Next to this, The classification has been adjusted to put PAL versions after NTSC

On the other hand, the Japanese application has also undergone a remarkable change, since Fanta’s advertising in custom robbery v2 has been eliminated, and instead we find the logo of the N64. Substantial change, and it is likely to be so until we see more classic games reach the system. In related issues, Nintendo reveals the future that the classic online switch games will have.