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Where to find dandelions in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelions can be found throughout Esperia in Tower of Fantasy. These are giant flowers that look like cotton balls and sometimes hide amazing awards inside! From dandelions, dandelion seeds always fall out, but several flowers will steam in the air, and you need to knock them down to get additional prey. That’s all you need to know about the dandelions of Esperia.

All dandelion locations in Tower of Fantasy

Northern Esperia

Contact the dandelion icons above to find all dandelions in the northern part of Espery.


South Esperia

Contact the dandelion icons above to find all the dandelions in the southern part of Esperia.

How to get dandelion seeds in Tower of Fantasy

As soon as you notice a dandelion, use the usual attack hit it, dispersing the flowers. If the flower falls to the ground, you can raise it to get a seed or something inside it (usually this is a black core). If it soars in the air, use onions to knock it down and pick up the prey. Sometimes the dandelion seed falls after the first blow on the flower, so you can immediately pick it up.

What to do with dandelion seeds in Tower of Fantasy

Dandelion seeds live in culinary section backpack. They can be eaten raw to get +1 for satiety and three percent +1000 HP, or prepare them using a culinary robot that can be found all over the world. You can combine dandelion seeds with other ingredients to open new dishes in the game.

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This year will be revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake 2

2022 Marking the 25th anniversary of _ Final Fantasy VII _. During a special presentation focused on this celebration, Yoshinori Kitase, director of the classic Title of PS1, said that This year will finally be carried out the official disclosure of final Fantasy VII Remake 2. In the same way, they shared A couple of additional details about this title.


According to Kitase, the revelation of Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 is planned to take place at some point of the next 12 months . At the moment there is no more specific window, or details that manage to clarify the doubts of the fans this was what the Remake producer has mentioned:

“We are working hard in Final Fantasy VII: Ever crisis, so sphering him anxiously. Also, with respect to the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake [Part 2]… There will be more information… this year if we can.

We just started the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, so we want to celebrate and excite the fans, so in the next 12 months we want to share information. Wait for more information! “

Along with this, it has been revealed that Naoki Hamaguchi, the co-director of final Fantasy VII Remake, will assume all the management functions for the sequel , this while Tetsuya Nomura assumes a broader position of creative director. For the part of him, Nomura mentioned that this title will make a greater use of the DualSense, so we will surely see an exclusivity similar to that of the previous title.

In related topics, the development of final Fantasy XVI has been delayed. Similarly, here you can see the new trailer of STRANGER OF PARADISE: Final Fantasy Origin.

Editor’s note:

I can not wait to learn more about Final Fantasy VII Remake 2. Although this year we will have new information, it is very likely that this title reaches our hands between 2023 and 2024, everything would depend on when it is available Final Fantasy XVI.

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