The Austrian Federal Government Tilts the previously introduced audience restrictions on events with allocated seating at the age of 12 February. But this is too late for Rapid against salt bend. The bulls still do not agree with a shift.

Because the Bundesliga Schlager between the SK Rapid and Red Bull Salzburg is already rising on Friday at 19:30. And only on Saturday, viewer’s limits belong to major events of the past.

This is now commented on Rapid Managing Director Christoph Peschek. This shows “pleased” that fans are allowed back to the Allianz Stadium. But: “For us, in the first Bundesliga round of 2022, a tremendous key game on which our team would need the support of every fan, but unfortunately, the opening steps are in force after our current state of knowledge for this encounter too late and We would have to complete the game only 2,000 fans. “

That’s why Sk Rapid now wants to get a shift. “We will therefore apply for the Bundesliga a shift in the game to Saturday or Sunday and hope for the support of league, TV partners and of course also on those of our guests from Salzburg,” said Poesk.

The 38-year-old continues: “We always stressed that we play football for our fans. Our goal is to welcome as many fans as possible with this special game and give it a worthy setting in the sense of Austrian football. “

Salzburg does not match displacement

In the Salzburgers, the desire of the Hütteldorfer but largely deaf ears. “The application of the SK Rapid is basically comprehensible for us. However, in the sense of a professional preparation for our extraordinary Champions League eighth final against FC Bayern Munich, a short-term game shift from a sporting point of view would not be responsible,” says in an opinion.

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