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“FF Origin” review. Action A story of a spectacular and refreshing chaos to solve everything with all ways

Stranger of Paradise FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN ” (FF Origin) is an action RPG that re-created a part of “Final Fantasy” (hereinafter referred to as “FF”) as a past. Development is Square Enix and Kohe Tecmo Games has a tag. At Koe Tecmo Games side, it will be possible to imagine a genre that the Team Ninja, who has been engaged in “Hin King” and “Dissidian Final Fantasy” (2015), etc. Mr. Tetsuya Nomura has a name in Executive Producer. It is made as an action RPG, and the main character Jack dive to the dungeon aiming to kill chaos with his companions.

“Anyrophock Action Game” was an impression that this work was playing for several hours. A luxurious and refreshing fun action does not interrupt any weapon. A miscellaneous fish battle that overwhelms the enemy is fun, while a boss battle that requires coolness is obtained in the boss battle to obtain its own growth and a sense of achievement. This impression does not change much until clear, and after clearing, we continue to know the job of this work more than the action.

First of all, this work is never something like “death game”. Certainly, there are some systems that replenish or grow a limited number of recovery items in cubes (so-called fires), and other systems that associate Seoul series. However, in fact, if it is a normal value “Action”, the enemy’s killing is not high enough. I was basically playing with this “Action”. Development teams were also called “high difficulty actions” in the media interview. However, rather than repeating death many times, it remains at the degree of difficulty that is easy to die until you understand the enemy. It will be able to enjoy it as a “high difficulty action” with the teeth if you usually get used to the action in the boss game.

# The more there is a lot of action to hit the enemy, the better

Miscellaneous fish enemies in this work are quite caught. By maintaining an attacking posture, the enemy’s movement is sealed and the ability to use the MP accumulated in the normal attack, it is a basic framework for stabbing Todome. Conversely, if you show the guard of the protection, you will be scraped with Jirijiri and HP for enemies and powerful attacks that can not be guarded. It is a type of action to think about how to hit the attack or actively attack and create the enemy’s gap.

Then, the width of the player character (jack) attack will occupy a large part of the fun of this work. It is a lot of attacks and variations of the attacks given to the jack. And it is one of the great attractions of this work that most of them are fun to feel fun.

This work is “FF” and a job exists. It is a standard job “Swordsman”, “Fighter”, “Sea”, “Seafe”, “Seafe”, and “Night” of the top-level job. These are the actions and special effects to be opened by allocating the job points obtained by level up to skill tree. In addition, there are many weapon species, large swords,, and magic, and from the ghombe of the female, the player themselves can be explored by many weapon species and many jobs..

For example. One of them is expressed in a refreshing effect, and you can try various weapons and proceed with the story while having fun.

Also, although the ability to open the ability of each job goes to a higher job, it takes time, but it is designed to reach the upper limit of the job level immediately if it is a standard job. In addition, to play with the job “Assassin”, it is necessary to foster related jobs to open the upper job, such as “Seaf” and “Monk” open, etc., and prepares the motivation to play another job. ing. The authors are often sticking to the same weapon species and jobs in this hand game, but most superior jobs have reached a high level in the fact that this work was cleared.

Naturally, the more there is a means to sway the enemy. It will stick to one action and it seems to be bored with the action, and it is felt that it is a game with a clogged action until the end of the story.

Level design is also going to reach nature and goal if you are seeking blood to the enemy where you are enemies. Seoul Series Regards, here the door that does not open, and where you need to break the street, shortcuts, etc. A place where the enemy is a signpost, follow the new enemy, it can be guessed that there is a treasure chest if there is an unnatural strong enemy.

# Boss battle that players grow in the battle

One boss match changes. Naturally, the boss does not easily catch it, and the attack is often an immediate death class, and its own physical strength gauge needs to be conscious. How to strike attacks, how does not attack the attack, or the spindle of the battle will change.

This action method is close to a hunting action such as “monster hunter”. First of all, it will be important that you will find the movement of the enemy and avoid turning and increase the time you can survive and not be defeated in no time. The number of potions that recover their own characters may be limited in the first place, and a tension time continues. Then the flow of bosses will be understood little by little, and the flow of attack opportunities can be remarkably felt the player skills growing in the battle. If you say “remember game”, it will increase tension and reduce tension by changing the form of the boss.

In addition, this work can be a member of three people, including jack. By issuing an instruction called “resonance” to the friend, the fellow is powerful and offers the enemy, and take Hate. It is quite effective as a damage source and as a damage source. On the other hand, this is a hunting action, but there is also an accident that is caught in an attack on the ally. The author was a part of the boss and intentionally removed the party member.

Let's Play Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - TIME TO KILL CHAOS! Stranger of Paradise PS5

In addition, various points are great for the means of making enemy attacks. Steps, rolling and guards using weapons are also provided with a guard method that absorbs enemy attacks, called Seoul Guard. This consumes a break gauge (gauge that is temporarily down when eliminated when it disappears), but if the guard is successful, the maximum value of MP is increased, and some attacks are absorbed and instant availability Can be used.

In particular, in the boss game, while worrying about break gauge, it works well in making a counterattack opportunity to talk to the enemy. Steps are fun to explore the weapon guard and Seoul guard depending on the attack and situation, and the actions other than the attack are also fun.

Enemy attacks are fairly represented. The strong attack of the enemy is not only displayed as a word “Hono” on top, but if you can not guard it, it is red, conversely what can be absorbed by Seoul guard is color-coded in the wind of purple. Visually easy to understand.

# Linked with characters

And I also want to touch “cruelty and heavy” which is a big point in this work. If you attack the enemy and cut off the break gauge, the enemy can be down and a killing attack called Seoul Burst. Seoul burst is a red-black crystal and the appearance of explosion is quarter, and the exhilarating feeling is quite high. The enemies down at the same time are defeated at once in Seoul Burst, and the benefits are well prepared by scraping nearby enemies break gauge. The figure that shifts Seoul burst is no longer like a certain “Musou” series.

Also, when the enemy goes down, it will be able to shake the weapon, but it will be the time to repeat the ability, but it may be possible to trigger if you press the button of the Soul burst. Seoul Burst itself is not independent and is felt as a sequence of jack actions.

It is compatible with the character of the action (can be turned off) that defeats the enemy and breathe in the blade and armor. As the reason I would like to defeat chaos, like a jack who answered “something like hunger and dry”, a spectacular action for blood and violence is reflected in the experience of craving, and emotion enhancement It has succeeded in accelerating.

There is also a bossing demon that is hard to hesitate like a boss in the way of the mission. There are no bosses that emphasize the attacking posture and the rise of the standing-on-side boss that are required to be calm, and there is a slight action in one dungeon, and there is no tired. These are loubt and refreshing and coloring with a lot of actions, it is a good action, and it is finished in a fun action game.

Hack and slash introduction is also one of the features of this work. However, I do not need to worry until clearing the story. If you choose familiar “Saiko”, you can choose power from the equipment you own, and just advance the story to defeat the enemy. In addition, the level of equipment is the strength of the equipment, and the level of the job itself is not relevant (because there is an HP rise due to the job PERK).

Since the appearance of the equipment is also reflected in real time, if you are calm with a cool coat and hat, you’re a strong equipment that looks like a look, it’s a complex feeling, and I’ve got a darkness of the second mind. You can take a dagger and swing and swing and enjoy it visually.

In addition, the submission is also available for each dungeon, and you can further strengthen the effects of jobs and weapons by getting items, and you can challenge further high difficulty after clearing. However, unfortunately, if you clear the story and finish the submission and additional missions, you can not deny the play, such as leveling and digging. Because it is a great place to take advantage of this action and the Haxler element, it is also possible to expect additional missions for delivery for a fee.


This work is the first “FF” “pastnation”, and its elements are seen everywhere. The beginning of the adventure of the jacks is also included in the octopic scene that inflates the chest to the adventure of this adventure.

In addition, the stage of each mission has a motif of the “FF” work in the past (related articles). That’s why they have a fan service that “if you know”, even while making a place to walk in the player, without making a big deal. Sounds are also good, even while sandwiching the familiar phrases, it does not impair the world’s view of the entire work, and fit.

The story is also drawn firmly, and the fountain recovery of fury taken in the second half has attractions, and the “FF1” player’s author was an acceptable content. While making light and darkness, universal existence, it is also possible to make the costume and belongings of the jacks and the possession of the jack, and easy attachment.

In addition, “chaos” is a big response, “You are chaos?” And I feel a slight sureness and extinguish in the jack, but it is a story that gives you a sense firmly. In addition, this work has introduced a mission system, and the cut scene is in principle, and it is composed only after the beginning of the mission and the boss battle, so the time to enjoy the action is not disturbed. This tempo is also one of the factors that can play this work to the end.

However, graphics are difficult ali. I played this work with PS5, but when I look closely with the playable scene, there is an impression that I am jaked overall. Although the image to be voig is not known, there are no places where the dark field is bad for visibility. It is lonely that it is a big drawback that the degree of completion of the action is high.

Everything is for action

As I mentioned so far, this work is made by concern for action anyway. I was surprised that the adaptive trigger effect of PS5 DualSense is off by default. If you turn on, he felt that it will be in the way in the action of this work where the judgment of the speed is required.

This work is a mission and exploring the dungeon, a conversation of walking in the city and a (simple conversational function), and a lean element is almost the existence of the world. do not do. If you make a mistake, it is a challenging style that can be recognized as a strange and pale game.

However, “action” is always fun even if this work goes up. Jack’s character, red and black crystals, simple level design, sharp cut scene, all of them are functioning firmly under the action.

Equipment collection RPG “Ephemeral Tale” -The Impact of “Bloodborne” is also large in the story configuration [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, Dawdling Dog Development, Collection of Equipment Released on January 19 for PC Delivers a mini-in-tavy to the Developer.

This work features RPG characterized by a graphic full of nostalgic graphics that reminiscent of 16 bits generation. A characteristic map is adventurous and combat uses a classic turn system. Anyway, it is a major feature that many kinds of equipment will appear. Japanese not supported at the time of article writing.

“Ephemeral Tale” is delivered at ¥ 1,520 (10% off until February 4).

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Ryanryan. Dawdling dog is one one man team. The most favorite game series is “The Legend of Zelda”, but recently he plays the “God of War” PC version released for PS4 in 2018. Also, “Darksiders” series is also similar to “the legend of Zelda”.

-Why did you start developing this work?

I wanted to play a turn-based RPG focused on gameplay than Ryan Story, and started development of this work. Many JRPGs, such as “Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Quest”, “Persona”, “Shin Goddess Tensei”, are most important for stories. I used to love games like “Zelda Legend” and “Main Craft” and “Borderlands” and “Diablo”, which made the main game of gameplay and the root of the item did. So, I felt that these two factors combined very natural things.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

As mentioned above Ryan, the first feature of this work is a random route. Each equipment will appear in various rarity and help know the value of that item. But even with the same rarity, items of all different status will also appear. This makes any equipment uniquely, and the player will be a completely monster killer machine!

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

I would like to play this work for the Ryan turn-based game, Dungeon Crowler, and the route! This work is made to play in a short time. Even if I played for 30 minutes and I did not play for a week, I have no idea what I was doing!

– Is there a work affected by this work?

Ryan is of course. This work is also a major impact from “Persona” “Final Fantasy” and “Dark Seoul” and “Pocket Monster”. The story configuration of this work is also large in the influence of “Bloodborne”. I wanted to make it to say more things to say “not enough.”

– Is there any plan to support Japanese work? Is it possible to translate?

Translation by Ryan Pro does not think at this time, but translations by volunteer are very welcome! If you are interested, please email us. We will give you all the text that appears in this work.

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Ryan There was certainly the impact of new corona. Originally, the scale of this work was quite smaller than that of the present. However, when the pandemic starts, it is now possible to deliver a fun content to the player who is coming home because it does not extend the infection to the other people. As a result, this work has been considerably larger than the original plan.

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Ryan players can freely deliver and revenue. I like to see game delivery, and I can know what kind of thing I enjoy!

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Ryan This work has been developed for the purpose of admiring both old games and modern games, eastern and western games! I’m glad if the fact that the history of Japanese games has had a major impact on overseas game developers, even if you are reading this, I’m glad if you get a dream come true and create a cool thing. I can not expect who anyone see.

–thank you.

This year will be revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake 2

2022 Marking the 25th anniversary of _ Final Fantasy VII _. During a special presentation focused on this celebration, Yoshinori Kitase, director of the classic Title of PS1, said that This year will finally be carried out the official disclosure of final Fantasy VII Remake 2. In the same way, they shared A couple of additional details about this title.


According to Kitase, the revelation of Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 is planned to take place at some point of the next 12 months . At the moment there is no more specific window, or details that manage to clarify the doubts of the fans this was what the Remake producer has mentioned:

“We are working hard in Final Fantasy VII: Ever crisis, so sphering him anxiously. Also, with respect to the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake [Part 2]… There will be more information… this year if we can.

We just started the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, so we want to celebrate and excite the fans, so in the next 12 months we want to share information. Wait for more information! “

Along with this, it has been revealed that Naoki Hamaguchi, the co-director of final Fantasy VII Remake, will assume all the management functions for the sequel , this while Tetsuya Nomura assumes a broader position of creative director. For the part of him, Nomura mentioned that this title will make a greater use of the DualSense, so we will surely see an exclusivity similar to that of the previous title.

In related topics, the development of final Fantasy XVI has been delayed. Similarly, here you can see the new trailer of STRANGER OF PARADISE: Final Fantasy Origin.

Editor’s note:

I can not wait to learn more about Final Fantasy VII Remake 2. Although this year we will have new information, it is very likely that this title reaches our hands between 2023 and 2024, everything would depend on when it is available Final Fantasy XVI.

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