BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE is the 26th chapter FORGED IN FOG in the fog (FORGED IN FOG) in DEAD BY Daylight DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, which is developed and developed by the company. Refer) will be released from midnight on November 23.

Forged in fog is set in the era of medieval iron and stone, which was buried beyond the memory, and under the theme of medieval horror, a powerful new killer THE KNIGHT. A new survivor Victoria Tosca no, The Knight and a new map The Shattered Square, which investigate ancient secrets and mysteries, will appear. That’s it.

DEAD BY Daylight new chapter Forged in fog released on November 23

■ A new horror appears in Dead by Daylight set in the forgotten medieval iron and stone era

The theme of medieval horror is remarkably expressed in the new map Plaza of rubble, and this plaza remains a remnant of atrocities when the night visits, and then the area of the entity. It appeared in.

▼ Regarding this chapter, DEAD BY Daylight creative director Dave Richard (Dave Richard) states:

The horror set in the Middle Ages was an unknown area in DEAD BY Daylight. It is very fun to realize this concept in the game, and I am satisfied with the finished content.

■ For purpose, the ruthless commander THE KNIGHT

The new killer The Knight is a powerful warrior but a highly calculated commander, and those who disturb themselves are relentlessly cut down. Knights have become a glimpse of their friends by learning how to handle weapons from an early age, and three faithful guards, executors, assassins, and guards, have sworn immortal loyalty to him. Rice field. Knight, who gained fame and infamous as an active part on the battlefield, is fascinated by gaining power after giving the title and free.

Night’s special abilities are Grandma Company. When this ability is activated, you can create a guard for guards and summon AI control guards. The summoned guards can leave the Shoji flag in the summoning place, go hunting for survivors, or damage the pallets and generators. The guard begins tracking when he detects a survivor, and disappears when a certain time has passed or damaged to the target. Survivors can escape the guards by escaping until the passage of time, removing other survivors from the hook, or getting a shoe flag.


Each of the three guards has a unique talent, but only one person can be summoned. Survivors need to pay attention not only to the knights but also on his guards, and you will be able to win the Knight to the opponent by making full use of a new strategy. In this chapter, a flexible survival strategy (or a killing strategy) is important.

■ Mysterious secret guard Victoria Tosca no

The new survivor Victoria Tosca no is a scholar who is born in the lord’s family and investigates ancient secrets and mysteries. He is driven by the mission of bringing peace, harmony, and order to the world, and continues to explore lost knowledge. Bitrio meets the night as many times as a survey, and builds a profitable relationship for each other. However, the relationship changes in an unexpected direction as the night appears.

The appearance of Bitrio can see the long-standing hard and wisdom you have obtained. The body is covered with a mysterious symbol and emits mysterious turquoise blue light as if it were unknown energy. The origin of the mysterious symbol and its meaning will eventually be clear.

▼ Regarding Bitrio Tuscany, DEAD BY Daylight creative director Dave Richard described:

Bitrio is fascinated by finding a way to travel between dimensions. He originally hired a night to protect himself during a survey trip. Of course, the relationship between them is a tragic development. I’m greeting… If survivors and killers are linked as a story in the story, the fun of the game will always increase. I’m looking forward to seeing you more deeply about the story that connects them. !

Forged in fog is STEAM, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. You can purchase it on the switch.

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