There are a lot of different ingredients that you will need for potions during your stay at Hogwarts Legacy.


One of the most useful for combat is the concentration potion, but to prepare or manufacture it, you will need weeds.
The problem is that some players have problems knowing how to get this particular ingredient.
Hogwarts Legacy what we will show exactly what you need to know.

Where to find the Flux weed stem at Hogwarts Legacy

Flux weed Stem can be purchased at The Magic Keep in Hogsmeade for 150 gold.
There is no limit to the amount you can buy, although it is possible that you should wait for the store to resumed it if you try to buy too much.
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If you prefer to cultivate things yourself, then you should have unlocked the Men.
Once you have planted the seeds here, you will have to wait awhile, but will eventually grow to a point where you can reap them and save you a little money in this way.
The seeds cost 300 gold to buy, but you will get more Flux weed Stems from them for your money instead of buying The Magic Keep stems directly.

Magic Keep’s location in Hogsmeade

The Magic Keep can be found in the northwest corner of Hogsmeade.
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It is somewhat hidden from the main street and is located on the other side of the river that crosses the north of the commercial area.

What is the Flux weed stem used?

Flux weed Stem is one of the main ingredients of Focus Potions, which reduces the reuse time of your diverse spells in combat, allowing you to use them more frequently and inflict more damage or expose your enemy to more attacks before it is protected.

This can give you the advantage and make incredibly challenging fights a little easier.
That is all you need to know about where to find Flux weed Steam at Hogwarts Legacy.
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