Ajax-Borussia Dortmund. Duitse droevenis
Why is? The Duisburgs have appealed against the evaluation of the game against Borussia Dortmund II, which was lost on 6 February 1: 3. According to the MSV, the Dortmund Franz Pan was used in this match, even though he would have had to be blocked because of five yellow cards.

The Sports Court pointed out the first objection of the Duisburgs back with the reasoning that the pan were only four yellow cards been noted. In the game report of the game in question against Meppen, no warning against him was registered against players Maik Amedick. The Zebras rejected opposition – again without success.

DFB remains at its point of view – MSV appeals

The DFB rejected the Agreement with the same justification. “Thus, the three-member body confirmed the previous single judge of February 14, 2022, against which Duisburg had appealed,” said the DFB on Wednesday on his website.

However, the Duisburgers do not want to sit on this judgment. “Of course, we will re-appeal again,” exploring Managing Director Thomas Wulf. “Nothing has changed in the fact of the fact.”