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Purple 2.0 on-boarding Buddy Shot, issued first NFT with Kaka Porce IP

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin reporter] Cacao Friends IP-based NFT is issued.

Bunny Buddies NFT - Project Review
The Boranatk (Representative Song) is the first alternative to the Kakao Friends Knowledge (NFT) based on Kakao Friends Intellectual Property (IP) in casual golf game ‘Birdieshot Enjoy & Earn’ Bora Portal published on April 25th and 26th on April 25th.

On the 25th, it sells 200 of a total of 1,000 NFTs, which is a “whitelist” that is a pre-purchase subject, and 800 Public NFTs that can purchase NFTs on the 26th, which is the next day,. The user can purchase the NFT through the 25th and 26th, from 8 pm to 12 pm (UTC +9) (UTC +9).

Boronetwalk is a “1,000 tbora” to 1 for the winner of the lucky winner at the end of the prepared volume sales. In addition, “200TBORA” will be confirmed to holders with three or more buddy shots NFT.

In addition, metboata is a future character NFT holder ▲ Game token in the game token (Birdie token) Airline token ▲ Golf Course is scheduled to provide partnership benefits with Kakao VX,.

Meanwhile, Buddy’s shot is a casual golf game that creates his own golf team, creating his own golf team, making his own golf team, and competing with various users from a golf course from all over the world. The user wins the confrontation and acquire a game commission (CON) and acquire a cone (CON) to the TOKEK to exchange, revenue, and the grown character can be nFtized, and trading it.

Pokemon Go: Accept Raid Invitations

One of the funniest things you can do Pokémon Go is Raids with friends. There’s only one problem. How do I accept the RAID invitations of my friends? Better still, how do I send RAID invitations? They are in the right place. To accept and send RAID invitations in Pokemon Go.

How to accept RAID invitations in Pokemon Go

Trainers have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends to a RAID fight . The invited coaches can not invite their own friends. Coaches can either personally participate in the RAID or connect with remote raid passports from afar.

RAID struggles in Pokemon Go recently updated. In February, there are not only some really cool RAIDs, but also trainers who joined RAID struggles are now increased from 5 places to 10 . Stay on the future updates in this regard.

To accept RAID invitations in Pokemon Go:

  1. If the app is closed, you will receive both a notification in the game as well as a push notification on your phone that tells you to be invited to a RAID struggle.
  2. Open the Pokémon menu and go to “RAIDS” in the “Nearby” section.
  3. Click the RAID combat notification to join the RAID.
  4. Tap on the combat button when you are ready to fight.

A few things to know: As soon as the RAID struggle has started, you can no longer join . If you have been booted from the RAID for any reason, you can join him again until the last minutes of RAIDS.

How to send RAID invitations in Pokemon Go

How to accept an invitation to a Raid Battle

To accept RAID invitations is beautiful and good, but maybe there are no RAID invitations and you’re ready to make your co-workers for a fight. That’s how it’s done:

  1. If a public or private RAID lobby enters.
  2. Tap the “Invite friends” button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select the friends you want to accompany you with your RAID (up to 5), and then press the “Invite Friends” button. Remember that up to 10 friends can come from afar. After you invited your friends, wait a rest period before sending more invitations.
  4. Once you have sent your invitations, your friends can accept invitations by following the instructions above.

And that’s all you need to know about accepting and sending RAID invitations in Pokemon Go. Further information can be found in our Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on all mobile devices.

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