G2 eSports It is already beginning to move in the League of Legends market. After knowing that Flanked and Janos would leave the team, the latter has already officially fired with a video, the winning team in spring and runner-up in summer would already have the replacement for the Spanish player.

It would be an old acquaintance for the European scene and returns after a year with many doubts in Na. After passing through Team Liquid, Hans Samey returns to the old continent wanting to demonstrate his best version. The French shooter file for G2 eSports at zero cost, assuming a great market opportunity for various teams in the LEC, once his departure from the LCS team was known.

In addition to G2 eSports, FANATIC or MAD Lions tried their signing

Minutes later to release one of the signings with more market expectation, LEC Woo loo explained the details of this negotiation and the various teams interested in taking its services, since Hans Samey was more than requested by the main sets of the League European except for Rogue, which will continue with Comp another year.

Hans Samey had the interest of many teams, including Mid’s To choose G2, according to the sources, and is ready to sign with them soon. Hans, was a free agent, which helped be an active market value, commented the most famous goat of the rumors of eSports.


In fact, we count weeks ago that Hans Samey had practically all done with Carmine Corp, since the arrival of the French team to the Maximum European League of Legends League was on track. When these plans were truncated, Hans Samey looked for a new course, and embarks on a winning project and that needs short-term results.

Knowing this rumor, everything indicates that Flanked no longer has a hole and will look for offers to continue in the LEC , at least one more year. In this news, we leave the possible destinations to which Flanked can go and continue his career as a professional in the competition par excellence of Europe.