Exploring the world of the tunic, you will find various items, secrets, puzzles and much more. Most of the game remains open and open to you. One thing that may interest you is a game language and the possibility of his translation.

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Can you translate glyphs in Tunic?

There is No in-game method Translate glyphs in Tunic , or at least through in-game function. Many fans asked through a tunic discussion in Steam, is it possible to translate a fictional language and even addressed the developer to answer.

Some fans take on the task of translating the game language. By searching for similarities throughout the game. This is definitely a challenging task, since in the game you can find many different characters and texts.

It is unclear whether this is a real language that means something, or it is just a series of glyphs that the developer used to add more atmosphere to the game. If the developer does an official language application, we will update this post this information!

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