Turn the world around you to combat new nightmares and earn new cluster jewels.

Grinding Gear Games has the next big extension for unveiled WEG of exile – delirium. It sees players who deal with a mysterious suffering, and when they enter a mirror of the Delia, the world is twisted. New enemies appear, while current new modifiers receive new bosses come into force and escape other horrors from the fog. Take a look at the trailer below.

The key here is that a deeper immersion in delirium leads to harder enemies, but also better rewards granted. These include balls of delirium that can be applied to cards in the Atlas so that the delirium affects an entire card (using up to five for maximum rewards). Further rewards are new cluster jewels that produce new passives when inserted into the passive skill tree, and offer a way to 280 new personalities.


Four new skill stones, three new supported stones, new unique items and new foresection cards bring more improvements in Atlas. Path of the exile The delirium extension is switched live for the PC on 13 March and published a week later for PS4 and Xbox One. Further information can be obtained in the meantime.

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