The genus Cyberpunk was supposed to achieve a success of biblical proportions in 2020, but the supposed issuer of this prophecy was a biblical upheaval. However, all CyberPunk titles were not disappointing. Almost from nowhere, One More Level Ghostrunner appeared on all platforms and blew every1. It seemed that throughout November 2020, everyone broadcast or played the game. Those who appreciated it, which seems to be everyone, will be happy to know that Ghostrunner 2 is officially developing by One More Level and will be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Yesterday, 505 games announced Ghostrunner 2. This time, they will double their investment compared to the previous game. More money does not mean that it will be a better game, but with the return of One More Level, they have everything they need to start again. But where does the new game arrive? [Spoilers] For those who beat the first game, you will know that the main character supposedly encountered his end. By beating the architect and destroying the cybervoid, Jack the Ghostrunner would have been destroyed. This act has also allowed humanity to choose its own way to move forward, which means either that it will have a happy and peaceful end, or that it will repeat its mistakes that place them in a sorry future in first place. However, it is suggested that Jack could come back.

「Ghostrunner」PROJECT_HEL 紹介映像【PS5/PS4 日本語版】

Obviously, we do not know much about the output of Ghostrunner 2 apart from its support platforms. It’s probably still far. After all, we always wait for PS5 and Xbox Series x versions | S Ghostrunner, who should go out this year. Ghostrunner 2 should exit on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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