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Broadcasting fee for free: LG reimburses up to 2203.20 euros

LG pays the broadcasting fee for up to ten years

When it comes to radio- alias GEZ fees , the spirits differ: Some consider the contributions to be necessary and justified, the others strictly reject (but of course they still have to pay). At least nobody should have anything against reimbursement of a whopping 2203.20 euros – this corresponds to a total of ten annual contributions of 220.32 euros. There is so much back in the context of LGS current cashback campaign . The Korean manufacturer reimburses the radio contribution of at least one month to ten years when buying selected TV , Soundbars and speaker .

In order to be able to make use of the offer, you must acquire the action device from April 21 to June 5, 2022 either from LG itself or from a participating dealer. The Krux: The manufacturer does not give any concrete names – according to the conditions of participation, it is “the area of responsibility of the participant to find out whether a dealer is participating in the campaign and whether the purchased device is an action device.” Only private customers over 18 years are entitled to participate.

How to Stop Paying Broadcast TV Fees Forever

The electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn are obviously part of it, applying the campaign in a large extent in their online shops. Under the following links there are only TV devices, but the sound bars or loudspeakers from LG offered for sale are also provided with a corresponding Cashback note .

GEZ payment can be expensive in the future – as a service is set

Broadcasting contributions now have the potential to become even higher. So far, there were regular memories of the GEZ payments. These are eliminated.

Pay TV Radio Tax in minutes!
Kassel – Almost every household in Germany has to pay the broadcasting contribution. The lump sum is in this case – unlike an earlier regulation, before the reception via the Internet was also possible via computers and mobile – regardless of whether and if so, how many radio equipment has the owners of an apartment.

GEZ creates service: Respond customers to change the broadcasting fees

The broadcasting fee is the main source of income for ARD, ZDF and the Deutschland radio. It is driven by the contribution service of the state-owned radio institutions (formerly fee collection center of the public service broadcasters, short: GEZ) and that for distress with enforcement proceedings on the competent office of the city *.

Only in the summer of 2021, the broadcast contributions were increased to € 18.36 per month *, the next decision follows with consequences for consumers: the multiple reminder of the payment is now set. In the case of a payment per quarter, therefore, the deadlines should be noticed in the calendar.

Because so far, consumers who transfer without direct debit, a payment reminder and also the transfer slip were sent four times a year.

GEZ: Broadcasting fee for ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio – The Rates Consumer Protector

Not anymore. Only once a year the memory would take place, warns the consumer protection center. It is possible to change the payment interval, and pay only once a year for every twelve months. Then the annual writing is still serving as a reminder. The sum of the contributions of a year is then 220,32 euros, as reports.

Households are still called to pay deadline. Anyone who is forgetful, that will be even more expensive in the future: Anyone who does not pay their broadcasting fees punctually in the future must expect default interest *, shares the consumer protection center.

The consumer protectors therefore advise the GEZ a SEPA direct debit mandate. So the broadcasting contributions are automatically deducted from the account and can not be forgotten. If you want to use the direct debit procedure, you can easily deposit your data via online form (more service news * at payment).

Broadcasting contribution: Who does not pay attention, must expect an extra cost of the GEZ

Because interest can be made with repeated forgetting a big difference. One percent of the amount owed, but at least eight euros, are due additionally in case of delay – this can then add up to the year to 32 euros additional costs.

If you do not do the payment, you have to expect reminders and a commitment notice. Both is associated with additional costs according to the consumer center. Who has questions, for example, to liberation from the contribution, the telephone consultation on Tuesdays from 8.30 am to 10.30 am and Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm under the telephone number 030/21485160. _ * HNA.DE is like payment part of the editorial network of ips.Media_.

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