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Gaming: bustling March in the United Kingdom with Xbox and Elden Ring at the top

While Sony continues to struggle with delivery bottlenecks, Xbox consoles in March were the best-selling consoles in UK.

Best Game In The Last 5 Years - Elden Ring Part 1

Although it came to an increase of 21% compared to the previous month, the sales are still 46% below the level of the same period of 2021. Despite all the delivery difficulties, Microsoft was able to increase sales to 61% compared to February and thus conquer the leading position..

Although Nintendo could discontinue 21% fewer units less, they still occupy second place with the switch. The Nintendo Switch is still the best-selling game console this year. Sony was able to fill his warehouse by 45%, but it is still enough for pursuing rollers behind the two competitors.

At the same degree of cheers, Microsoft has through the strong sales figures in the console area. The same 2 controllers can make many places in the area accessories well. The Carbon Black Wireless Controller, as well as his counterpart Robot White can replace the usual number one from Sony to 3rd place.

Another controller, the wired variant for the xbox of third-party power A, lands in 4th place.

Overall, however, a significant decline of 29% to 2021 is also observed on the accessory market.

The game market remains at a nearly unchanged level with 2.77 million games sold. Around 1.94 million accounted for digital purchases, which means an increase of 9.6% to the previous year. In contrast, a decline in physical sales is 15.5%

The continued stable sales in the game sector are mainly due to a handful of top sellers. So Elden Ring could defend the top position in the second month in a row. Especially because the game is very well sold digitally over various services such as Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

The just published Gran Turismo 7 seems to be very popular as a disc. Almost half of the games sold account for the physical version. Good ¾ for the latest generation of the PlayStation.

Continuous burner, and thus in addition to FIFA 22 also the exception in the top group, is probably rock star with Grand Theft Auto V. that the game is still mixing in the front, is certainly due to the release of the Next-Gen versions. Many gamers have brought here again or even now.

Of particularly pleased, 2K games is likely to be the start of WWE 2K22, which is a whopping 164% better than his disappointing predecessor. In addition, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – also from 2k – could also prove in March.

The sales of Elden Ring and Gran Turismo should also be significantly higher than those of the games in 2021, as it gave a larger selection of strong games in the same period of last year with Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Monster Hunter and Super Mario.

[Weekly sparan 3/18] It was betrayed in a good sense … Alafe Gaemer felt “Elden Ring” etc.

From the article published in Game * SPARK on March 18, 2022 (Thursday) to March 24, 2022, we will introduce the top 5 of the Articles to be read this week. Weekly sparan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

# 5th-The price of “Koiking” card of more than 10 million yen is successful bid

In the original game, it is also a famous pocket monster ‘co king’ that is sold for 500 yen, but the card version was made a successful bid at the $ 136,000 price. The successful bidder is a collector that collects various trading cards and sports souvenirs with SMPRATTE, Overseas Collector Youtuber. Such he has reported that he purchased the Pokemon card of “Koiking” at $ 136,000.

The card purchased this time is a prize premium of the photo contest for Nintendo64 software “ Pokemon snap “. A total of 10 people (Corocorocomic 5, 5 64 Mario Stadium) were selected for a total of 10, and 20 sheets of cards were prepared. However, this Koiking has a background that the real thing did not go out to the market for about 20 years, with a rare of the entire Pokemon card or other rare coke machine.

How much price is over 10 million yen! A super rare “Koiking” card is made a successful bid at the auction

# 4-Overseas Review Hyscore “Ghostwire: TOKYO”

Bethesda Softworks has released a new action adventure “Ghostwire: TOKYO” on March 25, 2022. This work is a work that Tango Gameworks is engaged in Tango Gameworks, who is known as “Biohazard” etc. On the stage where the monster is distorted to the appearance of the “Hosan” of the protagonist, the principal’s “Kko” and his buddy spirit “KK” will draw a story that chases the mystery of the incident.

Review collection site “Metacritic” score records 75 at the time of article writing. The user score is 7.9 in 10 steps. Looking at reviews by the media, the open world and many things that can be drawn in Tokyo are highly evaluated, while the badness of the tempo, including the battle, is pointed out from many media.

Overseas review Hiscore “Ghostwire: Tokyo” -After if you want to expand your chest to the expectation of hitting a ghost with a magical magic from hands, you should surely like it

# 3rd-English pickles in the game / Watch the world: Special edition

Ukrainian invasion by Russia where various information fly around on the current progress system. In this paper, we are thinking about the “Metal Gear Solid V” Villain “Skull Face” and the ignition point “Code Talker” of the hatred point on the “Metal Gear Solid V” and the ignition point of hatred. The feelings and considerations of the authors, such as changes in thinking that occur from the difference between countries and languages, are spelled over two pages.

“Metal Gear Solid V” What should we do in the “Metal Gear Solid V” World “Heart Relief”? -Date to Ukraine invasion-[English pickled in the game / World: Special edition]

# 2-“Gran Turismo 7” User score

Xbox Series X No Exclusives | Horizon Zero Dawn to PC | PS5 skipping E3 200 - The Xbox Two #117

The driving simulator series released on March 4 “Gran Turismo 7”, but Metacritic has a low-score review from users one after another. This work is a work of the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo, and from the previous work “Gran Turismo SPORT (here, Sport)” is about four years and as Numbering. It was the latest work waiting for race fans, and expected from many fans.

At the time of writing, Metacritic Metascore records 87 and high score, but the user score is sluggish from 1.5 out of 10 steps. Apparently the background is the specification of this work, and it also indicates that the game play requires an online connection and the cost of purchasing the car.

“Gran Turismo 7” Metacritic User Score Watch-Is it a source such as car pricing?

# 1-Alafe Gamer Feeling in “Elden Ring” “Sadness”

While familiar with the familiarity, domestic shipping breaks up to 1 million (¥ 12 million in the whole world) and has a global hit “Elden Ring” that has become a global hit. In this paper, we have spelled the contents that I felt that I’m going to die such a work. It is difficult…… A kind specification that can be felt in some places. We divide the points that were betrayed in a good sense into multiple items.

Become a king of Elde before 50 years of age-Alafif Old Gamer felt the first challenge for the first challenge to death with “Elden Ring”

The most read this week is the article of “Elden Ring” by Alafe Gamer! From children to old people, from all generations, the From game is still good.

Daily Deals 08.03. Amazon & Co.: RTX 3080 12GB 1.399€, Logitech Gaming

Welcome to the Daily Deals of today beamazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Mindfactory, Alternate and Co. In addition, we have the current Amazon deals for you.

Also worth reading: Amazon Skin iPhone 13, iPad (2021) & MacBook (M1) Before Apple Keynote cheaper out

Table of contents

  1. 1 All Daily Deals in the Overview
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_ _ _All Daily Deals in the Overview _

Discounted weekend offers at Amazon

CPU, TV, monitor, gaming, movies u. A.

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600g 3.2GHz to 4.4GHz for 217.99 Euro ~~ (247 €) ~~
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  • TV LG 82UP80009LA (2021) 82 inches (207cm) 4K-UHD 120Hz for 1.111 Euro (2,299 €)
  • TV from Hisense (50 to 65 inches) up to 11 percent cheaper
  • Gaming Monitor Huawei MateView GT 27 inch Curved WQHD 165Hz for 279 Euro ~~ (399 €) ~~
  • Xbox Elite Wireles Controller Series 2 for 144.99 euros ~~ (179 €) ~~
  • Nintendo Switch OLED Neon Red / Neon Blue for 359.99 euros
  • Gaming and streaming accessories from Hyperx up to 39% cheaper
  • Games for PS5, PS4 and Xbox from EA up to 57% cheaper
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  • 5 Blu-rays for 25 euros
  • Boxsets & Special Editions on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD cheaper
  • Prime movies lend for 0.99 euros each

Smartphones, Apple iPhone 13, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro u. A.

  • Smartphones (new) POCO X4 Pro 5G & POCO M4 PRO up to 13% cheaper
  • Smartphones from Xiaomi (u. 11 Lite 5g) up to 22% cheaper
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe for 559 Euro ~~ (616 €) ~~
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  • ECHO DOT (3rd generation) for 29.99 euros ~~ (49 €) ~~
  • ECHO DOT (4th generation) for 34.99 Euro ~~ (59 €) ~~
  • ECHO Show 5 & Echo Show 8 from 54.99 euros
  • Blink cameras from 27.99 euros
  • Alexa savings offer at Amazon in the overview

Gaming / Office Chair, LED lights, u. A. by Philips Hue and Govee

  • Gaming chair Downix for 199.99 euros with 30 €-discount voucher ~~ (229 €) ~~
  • Goveee LED Strip 20 meters with remote control for 39.99 euros
  • Goveee LED Immersion 74,09 Euro (with discount voucher)
  • Philips Hue Bridge for 44.90 euros
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  • Smart lighting with Philips Hue and Govee at Amazon in the overview

Garden and beauty products

  • Garden week until March 6: Worx, Fiskars, Kärcher and much more. up to 40% cheaper
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ОБЗОР Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC
Click and save: Gran Turismo 7 “Free”: So you get GT7 gifts + more free actions

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Purchase tip: Gran Turismo 7 for PS4 / PS5 now available

Gran Turismo 7 has been available since March 4 for PS4 and PS5 at Amazon Media Markt Saturn and Co.. Source: Sony

25 Years Gran Turismo – This Jubilee The most successful PlayStation Original series celebrates Sony not only with the release of Gran Turismo 7 on March 4, but also with a special edition. The Noble Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition for PS4 / PS5 offers besides the game disc a steelbook case, the soundtrack, 1,100,000 credits in the game, a download code for Gran Turismo 7 PS4 and a lot more. The special edition is currently sold out at Amazon, but with Media Markt, however, it is available for 99.99 euros. Our Gran Turismo 7 test is available here!

Gran Turismo 7 incl. Buy pre-order bonus

  • Now cheaper Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 at Amazon

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 25th Anniversary Edition at Amazon
  • Gran Turismo 7 + PS5 DualSense Controller Cosmic Red at Amazon

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS4 at Media Markt

  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 at Media Markt
  • Gran Turismo 7 PS5 25th Anniversary Edition at Media Markt

Elden Ring is now available at Amazon for PC PS4 PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S Source: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S) at Amazon

Elden Ring has been available for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox ONE / XBOX Series X / S. As with Horizon Forbidden West, the PS4 version allows you to upgrade to the PS5 version. By the way: At Amazon Elden Ring is currently on all systems of the best-selling titles. After our Elden Ring test we can only say: completely right!

Elden ring at Amazon buy

  • Elden Ring Launch Edition (PC) for 53.98 euros
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition (PS4) for 59.99 euros
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition (PS5) for 64.99 euros
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition (Xbox One / XB X / S) for 65.99 euros

Other top offers can be found in our daily updated Daily Deals: graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, TV, games highlights and many other products for PC and console players from Amazon, Media Market and Co. too often reduced prices.

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Gran Turismo 7 details your graphic options in PS5: FPS mode and RAY TRACING mode

Gran Turismo 7 will offer from its releGran Turismoe two graphic modalities in PlayStation 5: A mode called FPS and another called Ray Tracing . The title of Polyphony Digital will allow you to choose between these two modalities, which seek to prioritize or the rate of images per second or the ray trace in real time. Now, the second of them can only be used in repetitions and photo mode.

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo, hGran Turismo explained in a digital session to which Meristation hGran Turismo attended how both modalities will work. FPS mode will offer “the highest possible refreshment rate” at all times; Both during the race and during a repetition. “The standard Frame Rate during a GT7 race will be 60 FPS ,” he says, always referring to PS5. It is here to see if the 4k olution res be from the official portal will be native or a dynamic resolution. The videogame will be compatible with HDR **.

Ray Tracing, only in repetitions and photo mode

Ray Tracing is qualified by Yamauchi Gran Turismo “a very complicated process” to implement. According to us, this mode will be applied “in the modes where a rapid response from the players is not necessary”. In essence, repetitions and photo mode . At this time we do not know what the target FPS rate will be in Ray Tracing mode or its resolution.

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4

Nor did they transcend data from the PS4 version throughout the presentation, only that loading times will be more extensive than in PS5 (where they will be just a second); Without entering more details.

Gran Turismo 7, available on March 4 on PS5 and PS4

Gran Turismo 7 will be available at PS5 and PS4 this March 4 in physical and digital format. Soon we can tell us our final impressions when we have played in depth. We expect a title with tens of content hours.

  • Great Tourism 7: New Gameplay in 4K at the mythical Daytona International Speedway
  • Gran Turismo 7 will have more than 60 official manufacturers; New details
  • Gran Turismo 7 takes chest on PS5: This will take advantage of the DualSense, Ray Tracing and more

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