Action RPG “Elden Ring (Elden Ring)” has been released with high difficulty action and extensive open fields. You can use this weekend to help you enjoy the battle and adventurous search for your hand.

This “Elden Ring” has a color-darkness of the high difficulty action series that the From Software has cultivated so far, and also incorporates a large number of systems familiar to fans. On the other hand, there are also only one of the original elements of this work, and there are not many people who play the company’s title for the first time in this “Elden Ring”.

Where are you exploring and fighting with whom? The choice is entrusted to the user’s hand and is very freedom “Elden Ring”. However, because there are many hard fights, some people who are not familiar with the game will be struggling to get up.

So this time, for beginners of the From-Software work, we will give you a point and a capabilities to support the early play of “Elden Ring”.

It is not an introduction to a detailed game system, but a means of interest in an emphasis on understanding, focusing on the way to break up the situation and the point where you want to hold it. It is a dangerous world, but based on the number of accruedness, enjoy the journey and enjoy the journey.

# ■ Are you scared of enemies that will come out strangely? If so, “Lock on”!

The field to adventure is vast, and its terrain is also varying. And the enemy is crawling in the place. The enemy of this work is generally compared to the general action RPG, and it is also possible to keep in touch with the panic and lose it as it will be brought up to eat unexpectedness.

If you repeat such death, you may be fearful and fear that you are not good at finding field search. Before falling into this cycle, check your safety at “Lock On”.

When the R3 button (in the case of PS5 / 4 edition) is pushed, the white point is with the opponent if there is an enemy within a certain range of views. This is “lock-on”, and if you fight as it is, it will always be a camera operation that grasps the opponent’s figure in the center of the screen, eliminates the fear of sight.

It is mainly used as a function that supports the battle, but it is useful as a role of a radar that finds the other party when it is difficult to detect in the weather or surrounding environment. If you press the R3 button to activate “Lock on”, it is obvious that there is an enemy there. If you’re a doubtful place, you will be able to eat unexpectedness from the enemy, so it is recommended because it will be quite lowered.

However, it is limited to the scope of visibility. Since the enemy ahead of the shield can not be detected, the wall or rock is careful. Be careful not to jump into a light rate until you see visually.

# ■ Field enemies are keen? At that time, if you run away!

There are various enemies in the field. If you are patrolling a constant route, you can protect the base, or use it from the high platform, and the way of the way. In addition, the strength is also a town, but even if it is a group of weak categories, it is a population, so the hand is increasing at a stretch, so who can not be oiled by anyone.

Battle is always dangerous, whether it is a single group. However, there is no need to fight until you die there. You can escape from the enemy on the field, except for some situations (such as certain bosses).

I’m fighting, and I tend to continue until I died, but it is also a good strategy to escape. It is a hand to break with “blessing” and re-divide, destroy the one-off enemy’s group and return the number of times of use of the Holy Growball, and it is not a bad choice again.

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If you go to the Horse Hota “Trent” that you can get in the early morning, you will be easier to get away from the enemy. If you think “I can die”, switch the feeling and run away. Since it only needs to win someday, there is no need to work too much for the current victory.

By the way, if you are exploring, it will come out to the Kanmon and Ohashi, which protects the key, but if you ride “Torrent” and run through at a stretch, you can go through it as it is. “I want to go ahead, but I’m not confident that I can beat the enemy…”, I’m also recommended to try it once. However, if you want to lose the rune, it’s a better.