Interview with Figure Skating Hanyu Tosa in the program that TBS went on February 14th. So Hanyu revealed the current frank confidence that finished the competition at the Beijing Olympics.

Then, from the reaction that was hit into the main tournament, “eating chocolate and cup ramen”, “eating a little chocolate or cup ramen”, let’s find a glimpse of a slightly loosened, and “games or gologoro “I was able to do a little bit.” However, the game title with the name of the name from there was more than the expectation of many people.

First of all, Hanyu answered that he could play with a Nintendose switch. This game that spends a slump with residents living in the same island is a very popularity that has been sold more than 37 million in total worldwide, and has high popularity in Japan and abroad.

“Atsushi Animal Forest” has a size of a person who does not choose a person, and “Is that Hanyu players also playing with a small surprise, such as such episodes,” Atsushi His Animal Forest “at the time of this episode It is not very unusual that the name of the name comes out.

But the real surprise is from here. “I’m excited, I’m going to kill (games (games), but it’s too shocking, but it was shocking, but I mentioned the name as the most favorite game,” Heisei Shin-Onigashima “and” Estolis Biography II “. This two works are a deep title that Hanyo touched as “my origin”, and it has a smile as “I want to convey” as a conclusion of this question.

机器之血 电影 欧阳娜娜 罗志祥 成龙大电影
“Heisei Shin, Onigashima” and “Est Police Biography II” are a work with many people who do not know even if you have a long-fashioned game. Therefore, from the game fan who knows each work, surprise has spread from the “Masaka Hanyu’s mouth to come out!”

Why did Hanyu surprised me just by the name of these two works? This time, I would like to get close to the background.

# ■ Hanyu said that the game software for over 20 years

Even if Hanyu players are playing “Atsusho His Animal Forest”, there is no great surprise. That said, “Atsushi Animal Forest” was released last year’s March. It is a relatively new work, and it is a game with many users playing with long spans, so it is one of the most stable in terms of “the game playing with the switch”.

However, “Heisei Shin-Onigashima” and “Est Police Biography II” are all games for super names. Since the super nasty feature was released, it is 1990, so a young gaming fan is not strange or not even if you have not heard each title.

First of all, “BS Shin-Onigashima” appeared in the predecessor of “Heisei Shin-Onigashima” was 1996. After that, as a lineup of the service “Nintendo power” to rewrite the game software, “Heisei Shin-Onigashima” was released in 1997, and the Romcassette version was released in 1998.

As Hanyu players were born in December 1994, “Heisei Shin-Onigashima” has appeared before he entered elementary school. It was unknown whether he had been playing in such a young age or a little later, but now he was currently 27 years old, and the game released about 24 years ago (in the case of the Romkacetet version) What I called is a very shocking degree.

Moreover, another “Est Polis Biography II” was released in February 1995, which dates back. Because Hanyu players are about 3 months after birth, their history is almost as syncing. It is not possible to play at this timing, and it seems to be more than ever to grow.

The evolution of the game is always on a daily basis, and the latest game software is always winded. At that time, even if Hanyo played the software to play the same software (around 2000), at that time, at the time, when a large-scale title such as “Dragon Quest VII” and “Kirby 64 of Stars” were released is. Under such circumstances, I dare to touch the past works such as “Estolus II”, the technique of the environment or the sense of Hanyu player. Anyway, there is no doubt that surprises value.