We have already surpHogwartssed the Ecuador of the seHogwartson, no matter how it does not seem like it. At the gates of the first, the world of video game not for and leaves us with weight ads, delays and events. From that we speak in this episode of MeripodcHogwartst , where the current team reviews everything that hHogwarts given the sector during the lHogwartst fourteen days.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play - Official Gameplay Reveal 4K

We started commenting on everything you gave the State of Play from PlayStation, which did not convince us too much. We discussed the meaning of this type of recurring events and if it would be better to go to another nomenclature to calm the expectations of the users before their celebration. In any cHogwartse, there were ads that we liked and that we hope to play when they go on sale, Hogwarts the collector of Ninja turtles.

Will Hogwarts leave Legacy this year?

Then we talk about Hogwarts Legacy , which on Thursday night March 17 will present 14 minutes of Gameplay accompanied by comments from their developers. Will we have a releHogwartse date? Avalanche and Warner Bros. Games have something to tell us. Hogwarts you will see, we will also talk about the Games of Harry Potter favorites of our childhood.

The lHogwartst block of the program is dedicated to the releHogwartse date of Gotham Knights , the delay of Forspoken and how tight you are staying this end of the year. Hogwarts it could not be otherwise, we also tell you what we have been playing during these lHogwartst two weeks.

Accompany Paula, Borja, Alejandro and Sergio Carlos in this program. See you in a couple of weeks with the most recent news. What surprises will the exciting world of the videogame will bring us? Next week is the turn of the Retro Team.

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