It has only been a little less than a week since the first episode of House of the Dragon came out, but HBO Max spectators are already hooked to the world of Westeros, since the program broke audience records and has been the only thing that People can speak. With all this brain commotion, there are already doubts about whether there will be will be a season 2 of House of the Dragon . Here is everything you need to know.

Release date of House of the Dragon

The fire reigns. #Housefthetcheragon has been renewed for season 2.

-Dragon House (@houseofdragon) August 26, 2022

Despite having only one episode, it has already been confirmed that, yes, there will be a season 2 of House of the Dragon. Obviously, there is still not much information about what the plot of the second season will be, but we We will ensure it is informed when it arrives.

For now, House of the Dragon seems to focus mainly on the internal conflict between the Targaryen, since they live on the iron thr1. Until now, we have also seen many other family houses, including Baratheon and Starks, just to name a few.

That is all you need to know about If House of the Dragon will have a season 2. If you are looking for more information about the series, be sure to consult the rest of HBO Max to see the rest of our guides, including those of Dunk And Egg, what is Dark Sister and much more.

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