Last week, the Streamer News made the round that the extremely popular and successful streamer (and businesswoman) Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa wants to make money with it that she sold hair, prey and bath water in glasses. Sorry, that’s so absurd and crazy, of course we also had a news. Why? Because what streamers and influencers make, is also part of our “nerdkrams” department and our pop cultural reporting. Pride, we probably do not have to explain that, we are not on what these influencers do today. But it is curious. Entertaining. And sometimes just worth a good laugh. And, that’s the way it is, the Internet likes to laugh about absurd things.

Of course, I thought so in the past week: “Oh, Mrs. Siragusa gets back to the absurd prank and sells warm air.” I continued this news to Seb. He should do something with it. He also has. Of course, the comments turned again why we do such news at all. Well, as already mentioned: Strange Nerdkram. A few laughs for you. A few clicks for us. I will not deny that. I thought the topic would be ate. Eaten, hahahahaha. But then I read today…

Why does man need his icons?

A very successful streamer is Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo. And I think we have an answer to the question of who Bittschön Ehm… is extremely enough to buy Amouranth rollers worth 1,000 US dollars per piece.

Other streamer namely.

So that they have the opportunity to produce content again with these strange decenthes. Mizkif namely, five of Amouranth’s glasses bought. An investment in sound and smoke and air and nothing. But after all, he could open one of those glasses in the livestream for his fans and sniff at the outgoing air.



The whole thing you can like to look at Dexerto . I have already launched the sentence “However, Despite Their Value, He Had A Crazy Idea in Mind”. “But despite their value, he had a crazy idea in his head,” is the translation. MIZ wanted to open one of the glasses. But I stayed in the absolutely unjustified “Despite Their Value” somewhere with my brain in Nirvana. Value? WTF?

But yes, the value measures the demand!

Okay, for Amouranth’s Onlyfans community, these pups glasses would be just right. Also, the bath water and a hair the undoubtedly pretty influencer find in the erotic community certainly your customers. And, of course, determine the value for a glass of minimalist air. And any digital image of a bored monkey may have some value for Justin Bieber . Offer and demand flat. As absurd it may appear in particular in the case of fare glasses.

For us, that may seem weird that stringers and influencers are worshiped such as icons, as at the time Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley . But we all have to admit that Lochis, Kardashians, Osbournes, the Amouranths and Mizkifs of this world are the icons of their time; The icons of their fans flat. Because we’ll be honest: there were already in the 1960s and 1970s already people who have spent a lot of money for certain things, just because their icon has touched them. Or because they look like just that icon. If you put your eyes very firmly. Potato chips Anyone?

For a bit of fame people are far away today. Some go too far. That too was “then”, in analogue years not so different. The question is, which drills deep into the psychology of people, why people need their icons at all. An answer, sorry, I have not for you. But maybe we can solve the trouble when a message on a webpage does not match our taste. And instead just laugh a bit more about banalities. Because sorry, life is already fucking serious enough.

I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It

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