Take a current trend that is absolutely not reprehensible in the gaming industry. If Battle Royale shooter currently the hot shit, you just also assembles a title in which 100 players fight in a deadly fight for survival to the infamous Chicken Dinner.

Something questionable, it is, however, if not just play concepts, but like all the games you copied – and then also still pretty bad. That is, since not only the original developers, but also the buyers are then sour. Lest that happens, we present to you in this special time the ten most daring games clones prior to the should make a bow.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Another Bound
  2. 2Fortcraft Battle Royale
  3. 3Hotline Kafka
  4. If 4Bro
  5. 5Pretend
  6. 6The War Z
  7. 7Unearthed: Trail of In Batista – Episode 1
  8. 8DuLuDuBi Star
  9. 9Final Combat
  10. 10Tank Battlegrounds


Another Bound

Fort Craft Battle Royale

hotline Kafka

Bro Falls


Although the concept of Among Us now is not really new, but we all have played in our youth ever werewolf, the title has unleashed a real buzz around the genre of social Deduction Games in 2020. So need to game where you identify a scam in your own ranks and eliminate. As many times as the indie hit has now also been plagiarized. Fortnite for example, has its own Impostor mode. So bold as well Pretend went but before any of the imitators. The developers of white square have not made even bother to disguise their obvious source of inspiration only partially. The gameplay is completely unchanged: there are regular players, have to do the tasks and that flit fraudsters murdering and sabotaging through ventilation shafts. The office building of Pretend sees the spaceship Among Us this confusingly similar to the character design we want to not even begin. Even the animations when you burst an opponent, have been one-to-one over. But hey, for you have to Pretend to eat and go to the bathroom. A literal shit idea…

The War Z

Unearthed: Trail of In Batista – Episode 1

DuLuDuBi Star

Final Combat

Tank Battle Grounds