-Establishment of a formal local subsidiary considering the importance of the Korean app ecosystem, which records record growth every year

-In January 2016, 6 years after entering the Korean market, upgraded to a formal local subsidiary

-In expanding single app business platform and service support to Korean apps and game developers

The strong business platform iron source for the app economy has officially announced on the 7th that it has formally established Iron Source Korea Local Corporation to work closely with domestic app and game developers to grow the app into a successful and expandable business.

The official name of the local subsidiary was ‘Iron Source Korea’, and the office was located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The current president is appointed as the current president of Kim Se-jun, and plans to provide more quality services for domestic apps and game developers, the leaders of the app economy, and to expand their own platforms and expand their market share.

Founded in Israel in 2010, ‘Iron Sauce’ is composed of more than 1,400 teams worldwide, operating nine global offices including Tel Aviv, London, New York and San Francisco, Beijing, Bengaluru, Tokyo and Seoul. It supports economic growth.

The Iron Source Platform provides customized solutions such as ‘Sonic for App Developers’ and ‘Aura for Telecommunications’, which perfectly meet the two factors that are the core of the app economy. Among 88%, using the iron source platform, it is building a leading position in the game market.

In addition, according to Iron Sauce, since the opening of the Korea Office in the Asia-Pacific region in January 2016, it has been renewing record growth every year, and it is an indiscriminate indispensable branch of the world’s largest branch. did.

As such, Iron Sauce Korea Governor suggests the superiority of the comprehensive app business platform of IT Sauce based on the Korean IT infrastructure and base, and by 2020, developers have led the leadership to stand out in the market. Recognized, he won the Grand Prize in the Global Mobile Marketing Division at the Korea Power Leader Awards.

Iron Sauce will continue to take advantage of the accumulated experiences and expertise to help customers expand their mobile business and secure competitiveness.

Kim Se-jun said, After entering Korea in 2016, we presented the possibility of solutions, and we have been working with the best developers in Korea, such as Neowiz and Wemade Play, and have recorded record growth every year, and have a unique influence in Korea..

Korea is a big market that spends more time for mobile apps than the global average global app users, and I think it’s a natural entry that considers the potential of the Korean market as it is the world’s fourth largest country. We plan to increase the impact of iron source in the Korean market in the future.