Tress Smith, also known as a catalyst, is the legend of the 15th season in Apex Legends. The catalyst is a resident of the planet Bore and a member of a small group entrusted to preserve Cleo, the moon on Korea, on which the meteorite fell.

The catalyst was shown in the video History from Outland, revealing the legend of a transgender woman who joins her friend Margot in order to save Cleo. During a raid, a fatalist detects a ferrofluid in a laboratory for creating a drill for Cleo and later uses it to escape. margo died during the explosion, and the catalyst intends to find out if she was alive.

The discovery by the catalyst for ferrozhida led to the development of its abilities. Using Ferrofluid, Catalyst can build structures, strengthen defense and create towers for instant rise. Here are all Catalyst abilities in Apex Legends.

catalyst abilities in Apex Legends

Passive: Strengthening *-finding next to ferro-liquid structures, doors and other peaceful abilities of legends will strengthen their integrity and allow them to receive significantly greater damage.
Tactics: Ferry Shot -The catalyst shoots, creating a ramp from hardened ferrozhida, which can be increased due to a larger number of shots. You can also use to create platforms on the walls (maximum 3 buildings).
Climate: Iron Tower -The catalyst creates a large structure of ferrozhida, rising above the ground.

The legend of the 15th season of the catalyst has the same set of skills as several legends, but its unique ability to build it makes its viable positional and defensive legend. Its capacity Ferry Shot can be used to quickly move to a hill or as a defensive structure. Iron Tower Ultimate can be used to shoot quickly to avoid fire, get to higher places or even use it as a shelter. The final option seems to be a more constant Horizon Grave Lift or something like that, so it can be strategically used in several ways.

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