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Reboot triplet pack “Hitman Trilogy” STEAM version Overseas January 20 release decision! For the same day for Xbox / PC Game Pass

Denmark’s Developer IO INTERACTIVE announced that it will release the three-part pack Hitman Trilogy of the Stealth Action on January 20 overseas.

Hitman Trilogy that recorded three part works is released on January 20!

This work has been revealed in the official broadcast Hitman 3-year 2 Reveal Streams of January 13, which conveys the content, content from the second year of the latest work Hitman 3 to date. Thing.

This Hitman Trilogy is a series of reboot versions, World of Assassination, World Of Assassination, Hitman , 2016 Hitman 2 , 2018, Hitman 2 , 2021 Hitman 3 is recorded. The corresponding model is PC (EPIC GAMES store / Steam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Also, in the PC version, the handling of Hitman 3 STEAM that was only handled by the EPIC Games store is also started from the same day.

Corresponds from the first day of the release to PC / Xbox Game Pass.

We plan to support Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass on Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10 PC (New Appearance) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Subscribers can play without additional payments. The domestic Xbox version, which is currently treated with Microsoft Store, is delivered overseas.


Julian Brandt (Bremen, May 2, 1996) is a German footballer. He plays in the placement of midfielder and since 2019 Militia at the Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga in Germany. He is global with the German group.

Discover the solution for the DCE Julian Brandt, a team creation challenge to be done in FIFA 22. This DUE is intended to win you the German player’s star card by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Saturday, January 1st to 7pm and lasts a week, ending on Saturday, January 8 at 7pm. By completing this challenge, you will get the Headliners card from Julian Brandt.

Should this DCE do?


The DCE Julian Brandt is a challenge with two teams and whose goal is to celebrate the Featured Event on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the prize of the DCE but especially the card, we recommend doing this challenge. For the shot, Brandt is quite cheap for a strong offensive midfielder. In addition to the possible links via the nation and the club, the player will be interesting to play for the next icons challenges. Note that Show cards can evolve according to the result of the player’s team (4 Wins immediately) but also via Tow and Mom.

Recommendation: Yes
Probable credit gain? No
Total Cost of the DCE: about 75k

Bundesliga Challenge, Criteria

Players of the Bundesliga: minimum 1
Overall team rating: minimum 84
Collective: minimum 70
Reward: a small rare gold player pack
End of the challenge: Saturday, January 8 at 19h
Price: 17k

Top Challenge Form, Criteria

Players of the week: minimum 1
Overall team rating: minimum 85
Collective: Minimum 65
Reward: A rare mixed player pack
End of the challenge: Saturday, January 8 at 19h
Price: 58k

Our example of a solution for the DCE Julian Brandt was made with the Fut bin team creator.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

This is what Fortnite offers at your Winterfest 2021 event

As of today, December 16, and until next January 6, 2022, Winter fest 2021 event will be held in Fortnite. Over the next few days, users will have the opportunity to obtain a series of thematic cosmetic elements, as well as a pair of skins inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home.

That’s right, from these moments, you can get a spider-man skin. While there is already a special arachnid suit during this season, The new collaboration is starring Tom Holland. To accompany this dress, you can also acquire the skin of the MJ from Sunday.

During the Winter fest 2021, Fortnite players will also be able to get two attire, two peaks, two wrappers, a glider, steam wake, gesture, lobby track, load, screen, emoticon, spray and banner two sets, Two peaks, two wrappings, a glider, steam wake, gesture, lobby track, loading, screen, emoticons, spray and a banner.

The two sets have a Christmas theme starting with Isabelle and Polar Peel. Anyone who logs through Epic Games Launcher before January 6 can get a third Blizzabelle attire. On related topics, a collaboration between Fortnite and cobra Kai have been filtered.

Hitman 3 Roadmap presented for winter including Santa Agent 47 and many other content

After the team of Io Interactive has announced a few days ago a second year full of new content for Hitman 3 (from 44.90 € at Buy), the makers with the revelation of the Winter Roadmap now bring the first one-Year around Agent 47 to an end. By mid-January 2022, players may now look forward to new Elusive targets and lasting season content, where Christmas is the focus. Among other things, the successful completion of Holiday Hoards can be unlocked a Santa outfit for Agent 47.

The schedule of Winter Roadmap:

30 . November — Holiday Hoards (Permanent Seasonal Content)
3 . — 9th December — The Ascensions (Elusive Target)
10 . — December 16 — The Collector (Elusive Target)
21 . December — Umber Holiday Special Curated Contracts
17 . — December 23 — The Iconoclast (Elusive Target)
24 . — December 30 — The Liability (Elusive Target)
31 . December – January 6 — The HeartBreaker (Elusive Target)

3 . January — Hokkaido Snow Festival (permanent Seasonal Content)
7 . — January 13 — The Procurer (Elusive Target)
13 . January — Winter Madness Contracts

HITMAN 3 Winter Roadmap | Christmas Stuff | Ho Ho Ho
14 . — January 19 — The Rage (Elusive Target)

The Seasonal Events can also be played with the free Starter Pack of hitmen 3. Holiday Hoards will be available here by 1 January 2022 — the free period of the Hokkaido Snow Festival ends on February 4, 2022. In addition, until the 5th of December, the game world of Dubai will play with the starter pack. Hitman 3 can be purchased for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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