Cloud conversion in a rapidly changing market is essential for the survival of corporate survival. It is important to use a 6R strategy to introduce a successful cloud.

At the ‘Multi-Cloud Conference’ held at the B Hall on the 1st floor of CODEX on the 17th, Megaton Cloud Lee June, head of the KT Cloud Sales Team, held a successful case of cloud conversion.

The business paradigm changes from suppliers to consumers, and rapid response from market changes has become important. In addition, with the development of new technology such as big data and blockchain, the cloud is determining the survival of the company beyond simply flexibility of infrastructure.

KT Cloud and Mega Zone Cloud will cooperate in the public and private business sectors where cloud demand is rapidly increasing, and will strengthen partnerships and expand business cooperation as Cloud Service providers (CSP) and cloud management service providers (MSP).

Lee June, the team leader, introduced a 6R strategy for a successful cloud transition. The 6R strategy refers to the retirement, retain, repost, deplatform, rebuilding, and repurchase in consideration of importance, cost, and security for each application.

The waste is applied when the application is no longer needed or provided by the application. Maintenance is used when the investment cost is not high compared to the investment cost.

Previously, it is used when it is difficult to change the internal environment such as OS and DMBS or want a minimum change.

In general, reconstruction, which requires the highest conversion cost, is used when agility and value maximization are required through the functions provided by a cloud company.

The replacement is introduced for efficiency of IT personnel, cash flow and operating costs by replacing existing applications with SaaS.

Lee June, the team leader, said, In general, cloud transitions account for 70 ~ 90%of the previous and transitions. I explained. The team leader introduced the case of using the 6R strategy during the migration process of EU Tourism Organization and EU Techno Park Information System Resources.

First, the old equipment and systems that could not be transferred were discarded, and the virtual desktop environment (VDI), which is difficult to switch, was maintained as a VPC. The web server and DB are relocated to reinstalling the KT G-Cloud’s virtual machine (VM), and Oracle DB is considering switching to open source My SQL and Maria DB.

Lee June said, What we want to do is to provide new value to the cloud market based on more success stories to our customers.